I take my boards on Tuesday!! Yikes!!

  1. Any last minute suggestions? I'm scared to death!!!!
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  3. by   RoaminHankRN
    Sunday and Monday, don't do anything related to studying for boards. Get a massage, see a movie, play board games.. anything but studying for boards.

    Good Luck!

  4. by   Agnus
    When you get in there and are ready to start. Stop and do some relaxations techniques before starting, come back to them if you feel yourself tensing up during the exam.
    After the exam forget about it.
  5. by   Flynnstone
    Good Luck!!!!!!! You can do it! When you go in, try to relax. I felt like my mind had gone absolutely blank! So, as the first question popped up I read it to myself veeeeerrry slowly as if I were talking to a moron. (remember, my mind was blank ) Then I asked myself, "Cathy, now think about this... " After a few questions I loosened up and got into the flow. You will too. Just don't over-analyze the questions!!!! They are very cut and dry.

    I was one of the first groups to take it by computer. I hadn't been told exactly how it ended. So, after question 75 I hit "next" and the computer ended the test I thought I would stop breathing!!!!!!! At that time we did not get notified quite as fast as you do now but about 6 weeks later I got an envelope in the mail..... I opened it up and read " We are pleased....." Thats all I read! I started crying, laughing, jumping up and down, dancing with my brother...... It was one of the happiest days in my life!

    Thank you for bringing back such a happy memory!! I hope yours will begin its creation on Tuesday. I will think and pray on it.
  6. by   horsecrazy
    Good luck! just try to relax. Get a good night's sleep, try to do something that relaxes you. You have already gotten good advice.
    remember, you made it through nursing school, they've prepared you well, it wasn't easy, remember all those gruelling care plans, you probally will never do one again.
    When you get to the exam, take a deep breath and show your stuff!
  7. by   Michelle_nurse
    Keep a positive attitude up, if you don't know an answer........skip it and go back to it. Try to relax. Remenber to write your name!
    Think of all the time and work it took you to get to here, you know it all, just prove it........GOOD LUCK!!!!!! You'll feel great to sign your name with RN at the end, I just did it last month.

    Good luck again!!!!
  8. by   Scarlette
    Answer all questions as if you were working in a perfect environment, ie: If you have a scenario question "What would you do if such and such were happening to this patient" answer the question as if this was your ONLY patient and you have all the time in the world to deal with this ONE patient.

    DON'T study on Monday. You'll only tire yourself out by trying to cram in last minute information.

    Best wishes! You can do it!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   Kim-rn
    Thanks so much, you guys!!
    I'm beginning to get excited. It will be so nice to have it over with!
  10. by   NSCU RN
    I had an instructor in nursing school that was up on improving test scores. She sugested we wear a red shirt (it helps bring back memory) and eat peanut M&M's (the sweet and salt do something to the synapses in the brain). I did both and passed the first time. To this day I use these tidbits before any test.

    Good Luck!!!
  11. by   RNKitty
    I firmly believe that anyone who can get through the hell of nursing school can pass the boards. Good luck!
  12. by   Hooligan
    I just wanted to say good luck tomorrow!!! Please let us know how it goes!!!

  13. by   pedsoncology
    sit back, relax, pray, and answer the question that sounds like a professional wrote it. Good Luck. You can do it.