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Hello everyone. I sorry to say that I am not myself right now. I am very depressed! I missed 24 hours of clinical @ phlebotomy, I don't have a job, don't have any money, and can't find a job, and... Read More

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    Originally posted by cheerfuldoer
    These were my thoughts exactly when I read your first posting JKm. I don't believe it really has anything to do with your competency level, but with the depression and state of mind you are in right now. Sounds like you have a lot of excess baggage that needs to be dealt with in the right forum of treatment -- like with a doctor (counselor, psychologist, etc.). Been there myself in times past, so I'm sharing these things with you from my gut.

    You'll certainly have my prayers as you requested. :kiss

    (((((((((((((((((JKm))))))))))))))) Update us on how you do, okay?

    If you look at Cheerfuldoer's record you see she has 5500+ posts. I've read a lot of those and I haven't found that she gives any bad advice.

    In my own life I've had setbacks. I dropped out of high school once, and college four times before I finally found that I could finnish something.

    I've been on anti-depressants, for short periods of time, three different times. You can get beyond this. Stick to it and finish what you are up to now, then if it isn't what you want, find what you want and go get it. You CAN!

    Add 1 to the folks saying a prayer for you.