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I'm a big girl. I make my own decisions. So why can't I learn to say "No?" I agreed to work some daylight on our current schedule. Staffing is tight, and there are a lot of newer, less experienced... Read More

  1. by   cargal
    I have just started saying to myself, then soon I was saying outloud,"I know my limitations." What other profession do people have to practice this notion. When asked if I could come in at 5a instead of 7a, I just said no. You could hear a pin drop. But I'm no good at it and I'm no one's warm body.
  2. by   karenelizabeth
    What I want to know is how did I agree to work 3 extras this week? only 3pm-945pm but still!!!

    I do only do 3 days a week cos I work 12hr shifls normally and I had a days hol booked this week for something that was canselled but I really don't know what I was thinking
  3. by   JAYNE :DANCE:

  4. by   misti_z
    Going to days after being used to nights is terrible!! You really have to learn to say "NO" in this profession or you do get used and abused. I work OT every pay period, and I will answer the phone like 1 time out of every 5 they try to call me in. I do my time.
  5. by   DelGR
    Gotta learn to say NO and mean it!
    My mom would never let me get out of making my own decisions when I was younger. If I didn't want to go somewhere or do something my friends wanted to do and I wanted my mom to make the decision for me, she wouldn't. I had to learn early in life to say NO and stick to it. If my friends tried to bully me or make me feel like I was letting them down, I still had to make the decision on my own. I would be mad at myself when I got roped into doing something I didn't really want to do. I couldn't blame it on my mom because she let me do the decision making. You can't blame it on the Nurse Supervisor or other staff if you were unable to say No. I do sympathize with you when you feel like you were helping the ward out but now feel like you wish you hadn't.
    I said all this to say that you have to know your own body and situation well enough to know that the others have not one care about how you feel or what this does to your body. YOU have to care about YOU and not do anything to harm your health. YOU have to stare them in the eye and say NO and stick to it. Only under a real emergency would I stay.
  6. by   Tephra
    Poor kid, I hear ya... I switched to weekday days for one weekend last month because they were short... I hate days, LOL! I don't mind helping a little... so no guilt for another 4-6 months for me now, heheheh.

    Melatonin works for me. 1.5 mg (I cut the 3 mg tabs in half), 1/2 hr before bed, if I have at least 4.5 hours to sleep, I don't wake up groggy/ hungover. Shannon, 50 mg Benadryl! I'd need CPR to wake up, lol! Everyone has different responses.

    If you're going to do this again, RNinICU, pick an OTC sleeper, try it out on a night you don't have to work next day, check out the effects.

    And always, remember to say no if you have to! Don't own someone else's problem. You've done your bit.
  7. by   stressedlpn
    I also feel your pain, although after coming back to days I have learned to just say no to nights, but put my foot in my mouth on extra day will start a 7 day cont. 12 hour shifts tommorow. i will be kicking myself all the way