I saved three lives today

  1. I had a wonderful night at work last night. I took care of a patient we were screening for organ donation. We (the organ procurement agency nurse and I) had some scary moments last night, like a chest x-ray that looked like it had a mass (thank God the CT confirmed it was only blood), rising BUN and creatinine and nearly crisis level hypertension. But we made it through the night and the donor went to surgery this morning.

    They harvested his kidneys and liver. I am overwhelmed with the emotion that even though I could not save the life of the donor, I helped save other people, people who've waited for months or maybe even years for organ transplants.

    I cannot believe how lucky the OPA nurses are that they get to do this every day. What a rush.

    I can't wait till I get the letter telling all about the patients who received the organs. The lives we saved.

    The donor's 18 year old daughter made it happen. She encouraged her mom to try to bring some good from the tragedy of her father's suicide. I am amazed that someone so young could be so strong. I only wish I could have met her.
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  3. by   gwenith
    It's nice to get this sort of feedback especially since I usually look after the other side - the donors. Yes - the daughter was an amazing person - there are a few like her out there and thank goodness
  4. by   Rapheal

    A job well done!!!!!!!!! Congratulations. (:
  5. by   LaurieCRNP2002
    That is a great story! Congrats to you

    My prayers go out to the daughter and her mother who lost their father/husband in such a horrific way. Glad to hear there are still some selfless people out there!

    Not so newly minted MSN
  6. by   jnette
    Bittersweet, indeed.

    I can understand your emotions.

    Many of our dialysis patients have been on the "list" for years and it is always so exciting and such a joy when one of them does get that longawaited call, and all works out well for them.

    They come back to visit us often, and the smile on their faces
    is deeply moving.
    I hate that you had to experience the other side of this as well, but rejoice in knowing that good came out of it for another.