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Imagine that you're the NightShift Supervisor and have been for quite awhile with all linens, medical supplies, residents rooms, exit doors,and entry door keys for access, locking or security when... Read More

  1. by   mother/babyRN
    PLEASE include the complaint person's statement (Linda Wilhem?) in any info you may chose to send in to any public forum, whether it be television or otherwise. You KNOW newspapers are always looking for expose's like this. I am certain the state of Virginia might want to talk about their approach to the situation and your response, should you be fortunate to achieve air time...Work the nursing shortage angle and treatment of individual patients, specifically.......Were they trying to get rid of you before this? That might be something you need to clarify.....
  2. by   sasseynurse
    I know you are going to do the right thing here. I read the entire thread and all bases seem covered. What can I do to help?

    Collectively, we are of one voice and the patient comes first.
    Under the circumstances, I might have been the first one to open those doors. Why were those doors locked in the first place?

    One good thing did come out of this-you will be warm in the winter!
    I urge you to follow your heart on this one and whatever avenues are open for your courageous voice. If this can happen to you--it does seem possible this scenerio can find its way into any one of our lives.

    I can see the headlines now:
    Nursing Ethics VS Corporate Policies

    You are welcome to reply privately or on the board--This situation is one that cannot be ignored. How can I be of assistance to you?

    One thing I need to comment on--this ugly mess fell on strong shoulders. You are a seasoned nurse and a credit to the profession. In my humble opinion, you will see positive results from your efforts and persistence. President Bush might even be interested in your story. He represents America: Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.
    Sassey Nurse @webtv.net
  3. by   mother/babyRN
    Whatever I can do....YOU go girl!
  4. by   Sleepyeyes
    Dear Betts,

    I want to write to people, but I want to make sure I have the situation stated simply enough for their non-nursing, "miracles-happen-everyday" minds to absorb.

    So how's this:

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    Suppose your mother is in a nursing home. It's late at night. Suddenly, she can't breathe; she's fighting for air. Look at your watch now and time your response because your mother literally has less than 10 minutes to live.

    There's a nurse on duty who knows how to help Mother breathe, BUT the supplies are LOCKED in a room where the nurse cannot get them.

    The nurse needs to act FAST. What should she do?

    She calls the Keeper of the Keys at home. No answer.
    Call 9-1-1? Response time: 10-15 minutes. Mother won't last.
    Break open the door to the supplies? Response Time: 3 minutes.

    Which would you choose? Which gets the faster, more reliable result? How would YOU have saved Mother's life?

    OK. Time's up.

    In this case, Mother wins because the nurse broke open the supply room door and got the supplies that kept Mother alive.

    OK, next question:

    What should the headline to this story read?




    (B) That's right, B is correct.

    Yes, you read it right: The nursing home that locked the supply room refused to give the keys to the nurse who could use them to save lives, then fired the caregiver who actually did save someone's life.

    Why was the nurse fired?
    Ans: She was "not a team player." Because she made the nursing home "look bad" with her complaint to the State.

    Why wasn't the nursing home fined by the State?
    Ans: Because all the witnesses were so horrified that they quit and were never questioned by the State investigators. Because the nursing home covered up. A lot.

    Why wasn't the patient's family notified of this event?
    Ans: Silly, it's unethical to tell the family; all nurses know that. It's part of having a nursing license.

    OK. Last question, then you can all go home and get a good night's rest:

    When's the last time you visited your loved one in that nursing home? In the middle of the night?


    I'm sending this letter and a link to this thread to the other advocate for elder care, the AARP. I can only hope it disturbs the elder community. Because it should.

    :kiss way to go, Betts :kiss
  5. by   Sleepyeyes
    I sent that letter to AARP at the following link:


    I'll post whatever they respond.
  6. by   betts
    I'm humbled that all posters have given so-much of themselves in their efforts to resolve a wrong such as I've experienced but, don't think of this occurrence in the Singular or Individual; It's a Stand for ALL Caregivers Everywhere; All Clients, ALL Patients,and ALL Residents, that haven't the Ability,Means, Resources,Understanding,or Right to Stand-Up and Challenge the Monster that would have it otherwise. I'm NOT thinking of Myself but of ALL.
    I've Never,Ever in any facility,whether I was the head nurse, unit manager, coordinator or DON personaified the; "ME,MYSELF,I" but rather insisted on "US,WE,TEAM'!

    We need to UNITE in a Singular Voice on this or any other issue of misconduct,not for the ONE,but for the WHOLE!
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  7. by   betts
    The 'State Surveyors' did call and have written testimony, as far as I know'. There were five or more of them investigating during my 'Indefinite Suspension' but I'm puzzled about this 'Inspector' (one individual) mentioned by The Center for Quality Health Care Services and Consumer Protection?
    Another question I will ask Linda Wilhelm.
    As I mentioned before, I called everyday after 4:30p and evening, as I knew the 'Administration?' would be gone to find out about the staff and residents, and was informed of the States Presence but never any mention of a singular inspector being their; I will find out and post immediately.

    OH MY! What 'Money' won't buy!
  8. by   fedupnurse
    Oh, now I understand why you were canned! You didn't have the selfish attitude required to make it in corporate healthcare! Betts, I would work for you ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. It has only been forever since I have worked with a manager that truly cares about the staff and patients. You were a supervisor and actually intervened in a patient care situation? That's unheard of in my unit, sad to say! They are too busy contributing to the nursing shortage *issing staff off and doctoring up the books when the state shows up. I have calledf them a handful of times and faxed them documentation of unsafe staffing and they still let the hospital come out smelling like a rose. Gee, I wonder if our VP of Nursing being on the Board of the State DOH has anything to do with that! State Agencies really won't help. Publicity will. Are there any local papers by you? We have a regional paper that was bought off by the suits during our strike, but the little local papers weren't paid off to slant their stories. Made the regional paper look really bad and then they started telling our side. Maybe if you start there...AARP should take an active interest in this. A picket sign outside the place (make sure you are off their property) can also help. Have a friend or family member call the emdia and say "there must be a strike or something going on there.."
    I'm thinking about you and hope you stay strong thru this difficult time.
    Have you gotten another job elsewhere??
  9. by   betts
    Ready for a good-one? I've had several interviews in Florida and have made all interviewers aware of what happened concerning my termination from 'The Facility", each and everyone present at the Interviews; Administrator, Corporate VP and whomever responded the same; "That doesn't surprise me, and that's why they're not here in Florida anymore". LOL
  10. by   fedupnurse
    Unbelievable! Where do these people go to school and learn how to be so ruthless and heartless????
    Good luck in the job hunt! I think you could get several hundred letters of reference from this BB!!!!! I'd write you one!
  11. by   betts
    In an earlier post I mentioned just that. I haven't and never will be a 'GamePlayer' when it comes to those under my care or my staff! We were a 'TEAM' and I miss them very much, they were the greatest group of Caregivers I've had the Privilege of being associated with and I'd be *AMNED if anyone in Upper-Management,messed with them.
    I believe in an Open-Door Policy; if anyone of them had an idea about the care given we all talked about it and if it seemed promising, we tried it. I'll be the first one to admit that I've a lot to learn and that I don't know everything. We all learn something each and everyday,and I would never ask of them to do anything that I wasn't willing to do myself. No "IFS, ANDS, or BUTS". 'PERIOD'
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  12. by   betts
    I've some sad news; the resident, succumbed to their illnesses, and ...

    Rest In Peace, Friend...
  13. by   fedupnurse
    Clearly since your staff quit you were a leader in addition to being a supervisor. I swear we should c,one you Betts and put one of you in every hospital across the country. If there were people like you running the show there wouldn't be a shortage of RN's.