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  1. I'm so tired. I see nurses crying. They are so frustrated of the condition's. I hear nurses say they want out. I try to encourage nurses to speak up.

    I have written my boss. (previous boss) A long letter about working condition's. This was long before the nursing shortage. Even though there's no shortage we were working short. My supervisor at that time was great and supportive. He sent the letter up to the next level. After that I switched shifts and moved to afternoon's. Everything was better on afternoon's.

    Lately things have gotten bad. They keep changing our matrix and we're taking on more patients. I've voiced my concern about the matrix to the supervisor. She's head of ICU and our step-down unit stating how busy we are. I've mailed different E-mails regarding concerns about different things. (some to my afternoon supervisor and other's to my head supervisor)

    This morning I wrote out a long letter about "a day as a R.N." I told my mom about the letter. And that I'm sending this letter to my supervisor and the "higher ups" My mom was supportive, but mentioned I'm getting myself into hot water. She said the administrator's all know the problem. And maybe I should re-consider my letter. She said just get out of nursing. It's affecting your health. I'm sure it has, but I want to stand for these patient's I don't want to be the one 20 years from now neglected in bed. Laying there faced up and fecal matter for a long period of time. I could be that patient. She said just get out. I said okay this letter's going to my senator. Her response was you're not super lady you're running into a wall.

    My question is what have you done? What do you think will get results? Do you think I'm making a bad impression?
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  3. by   mattcastens
    Maybea solution is not to quit nursing, but to change hospitals or work environments. Not every hospital or unit is that bad.

    I know, I know ... nurses hate to give up their precious seniority, but it just might be worth it for your health and happiness. I, for one, swore long ago that I would never let seniority hold me back from quitting a job that I was unhappy with.
  4. by   askater
    I have worked different jobs. Our unit is one of the best staffed unit. We keep the most nurses b/c there's the "best" staffing other than the unit. Right now I only work contigent and wish not to work in the unit until I work at least part-time.

    I have worked a different hospital. The hospital was very close to my house, but condition's weren't good.

    I've spoken to a lot of nurses. Where's the best staff. Best support and etc.

    I get pulled to other units a lot. (b/c we're staffed well) Almost everytime I work. So I know their condition's.
  5. by   thisnurse
    i know what you mean askater. this is where we all fall down.

    in all you are doing are you getting support from any of your coworkers?

    i know i dont.
    i complain about patient safety and not taking more patients than i KNOW i can handle but so long as everyone else does it, so long as the work is
    getting done, THEY JUST DONT CARE.
    and why should they?

    today you took one more patient than you did yesterday. your workload increased but you still got it done. they dont care that you didnt have lunch. whats a half hour pay to them?
    they dont care if you couldnt pee. when your bladder goes youll be a patient and they will still be making money from you.
    bottom line is getting the work done. and you are...so whats the problem? thats the mentality.

    tomorrow you get two more patients than you did yesterday. you get your work done.
    the next day you get three more patients...as long as youre getting the work done they can keep piling it on.

    if you complain YOU are a whiner.
    if you refuse an assignment YOU are lazy
    if you make a mistake, YOU are unsafe.
    (notice a pattern?)

    and unless ALL of you stand together YOU are going to be the problem nurse.

    id send the letter but not expect much in the way of change if you are the only one who is going to be standing up.

    think long and hard about the pros and cons of going to work somewhere else. not every place is terrible (so im told..lol) and you might find a better fit.

    good luck.
  6. by   mustangsheba
    I would send the letter, but I would also be looking for a different job IN NURSING. I would send copies of my letter also to the Governor of your state, to all your Senators and Representatives, and to the President. Getting out of nursing is not the answer. There are places that staff appropriately. Do you know and practice saying "NO?" It's your license that's in jeopardy when you accept an assignment that is unsafe. Take a few days off to meditate and focus on solving this problem. Best wishes!