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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Here is my problem I have been attending collegwe for a few years trying to go for my RN Degree, but I have had to withdraw from courses several times for not being able to pass the class. my GPA is 2.3, but I am on probation 1 because I have not completed enough credits compared to where I should be as a Sophmore. I am not a stupid woman as a matter of fact I always have people telling me that I am very intelligent which I agree. I believe that I have just as much potential as any one else wanting to get there Nursing Degree. What I am wondering is if I should go for becoming an LPN? I did not have a very good secondary education that's probably why I am struggling now. And Vocational Rehabilitation is unwilling to assist me with LPN Or Rn. It makes me upset and angry to see my friends doing well in college while I am struggling. what I am to do?

    I had posted a few months ago that I was willing to take medication and go to counseling for my mental health issues which I have been doing. I think that the clinic where I go to see my therapist are not treating me like a competent human being, instead like a incompatent mental case. I was taking Resperidol but I had a reaction from it so the doctor now put me on Zyprexa though I have not or I am not seeing or hearing things. I asked the doctor to put me on ant-anxiety medication because I feel that's what I need to calm me dowm he just ignors me. I am on SSI and medicaid so I do not have much of a choice of doctors to go see. It just seems that I am not getting the support from anyone that I need. Sorry that my post was so long I just needed to vent. I would appreciate some feedback thanks

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  3. by   gwenith
    Carmen if the college is stressing you s much that you are on medication then I would seriously look at diminishing that stress. I do not know the American system well enough to judge whether it would be "easier" to become an LPN but it is obvious that you feel, rightly or wrongly that you are not coping where you are. Taking an "easier" pathway is not a failure and you can go back later if you wish. You never know you may find yourself so happy in the role of LPN that you do not want to pursue your career futher. REading through the posts here there are many many nurses who love the role of LPN.
  4. by   AHarri66
    Have you checked with your school for assistance? You don't mention what kind of program you're in, but most schools have a guidance department. It could be you'd find help there.

    Could it be that you have an undiagnosed learning disability? My community college had an Adult Learner department, which provided all sorts of services to those who returned to school. Some things they offered were tests to determine a students learning style, and diagnostic tests for learning disabilities. Then they worked with the student to assist them in getting the most out of their classes. There are a surprising number of adults that have learning disabilities (there are many types), and were never diagnosed because schools didn't have a good understanding of them until recent years. This could be a part of your stress level, too.

    There were also "refresher" courses designed for those who had been out of school for a while to catch up before they went into regular credit courses.

    You may want to check into some of these options before giving up your quest. Best of luck to you!

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  6. by   passing thru
    How many different courses were you taking when you had to withdraw? Sometimes I see students sign on for too many classes. Especially freshmen students do this. They don't realize the HOURS that are required to study.............outside of class to pass the class.

    Plenty of doctors finish medical school with a 2.0. So, don't worry about that for now.
    Not everyone finishes with a 3.0 or 4.0

    And are you working and trying to go to school?
    Do you have kids to care for?

    Lots of times we have to be our own best friends.

    I tell myself EVERY DAY ... "You Go Girl !", when I do something that benefits me, and then I laugh....at myself......
    especially if I am in the parking lot at
    Walmart, I laugh, ... ha ha 'cause I wonder if anyone observed me "talking to myself !!" LOL !

    I think LPN school would be a great idea.
    Sometimes, most of the time, it's easier to tackle the hill,
    beFore you tackle the mountain.

    Good luck.