I need advice on dopplers

  1. Hello, I know that you all have got to have preferences on who makes a good doppler, and I would like to hear them.

    specifically, which brand do you love, which is durable, and which ones stink.

    I am most interested in how they relate to vascular use.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   P_RN
    If you are talking about the bedside doppler stethoscope like you use to check peripheral circulation the only one I am familiar with is Cardionics.

    The one I had was an older model and the sensing membrane left a lot to be desired. They have improved it on the newer models. It is larger and more like the diaphragm on a stethoscope. The batteries were also very difficult to access.

    If you refer to OB dopplers, I have no idea. Nor have I about the B-mode type that are used in vascular labs.