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Hi guys.... I'm happy to be here, I'm from Indonesia if you guys ever heard that 😀 I'm a nurse, I'm a fresh graduated nurse. Why I'm joining all nurses, that because I really want to make friends... Read More

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    Oh wowwww thank you í*½í¸í*½í¸ thank u so Much ^^ I feel the soul of nurse from u hhehehe í*½í¸í*½í¸ bad news it take 1 year in my country to have the licence oh I love ICU, surgery, children haahaa... I still looking forward to know where exactly I'm interested with... Oh nice to hear that... Welcome back nurse ^^ my name is Victoria .. Nice to meet you!!!!!
    One year! What are you supposed to do during that year?!
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    Oh thank u all... í*½í¸í*½í¸Ší*½í¸Š I'm so happy. Well.. About my self í*½í¸í*½í¸ I'm confused how to start he he And I'm sorry I don't speak excellent English
    . so my name is Victoria but u can call me Vic or vicy, I'm 25 years old ^^ I've studied bachelor 4 years then I continue studied ners profession 1 years, when we studied ners profession programmes it gave us a choice 3 months wich part you interested to(Indonesians programs ofc), so my choice was mentality hospital ^^ I love about phycologists that's why.. í*½í¸Ší*½í¸Š thanks again.
    Mental health is a wonderful choice. It requires strength, compassion, patience and endurance. I, personally, lack the strength and admire anyone who has it!

    When you say they "gave us a choice 3 months which part", does that mean you formally are focused in your studies in that specialty only for three months? Would changing specialty require going back to school?

    (If my questions are too much, you don't have to answer. I love learning the different ways that things are done globally!)
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    ���� oh thank u!!!! Really nice to hear from you and no problem I love Questions so during one year we just practice in hospital, 1 month in pedriatic rooms, 1 month in emergency (ICU, etc), 1 month in gerontic, etc.... We practice and had some exams ^^ and about 3 months i can't say we can be a spesialist on that part because we don't have title for that... Journal is what we should have to be graduated ^^ so that's what 3 months for. Like for bachelor or master we must make esaay or thesis.. I'm sorry but I hope you understand my English I'm so sorry.... He he.. To become a specialist we must school 2 years again to have master degree ^^ so here it takes 3 years for diplomat, 4 years for bachelor, 1 year for ners professions, 2 years for spesialist ^^ so my title for now is Victoria S.Kep.,Ns, only Victoria S.kep if I didn't finished the 1 year after bachelor.. Long story from me...
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    Selemat datang allnurses! :-)
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    One of my very good friends is from Indonesia

    Congratulations on becoming a nurse, and welcome to AN!
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    Thank you Anna and purple 😀😀 thank u