I love........

  1. I love this board, and all the encouragement of it's members.
    It is a great way to keep your chin up when study, looking after 2 young girls (one of whom just threw up all over the sofa, having caught the latest 'child' bug) and everything gets too much.
    I spose it is great to see others struggling along out there in cyberspace, and to know we are all more or less going through the same thing, and that you are not the only one.
    I love that people can ask questions, or just vent, knowing that on this board you will not get torn to shreds, and that everybody is sincere.
    Also what I love is the fact that the people that post are people that are interested in nursing, studying nursing, and of course the nurses with such a wealth of experience, what a great way for us newbie nurses to learn!
    Who am I??
    I am a final year nursing student from Australia, and I have just only just discovered this board, but look foward to sharing for many years to come.
    I just wanted to say this!!
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Cute tag line, bew. and welcome to the board. I heartily agree.
  4. by   Vsummer1
    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    Cute tag line, bew. and welcome to the board. I heartily agree.
    I love your tag line also! Took me a little longer than most to figure it out though...

    and smilingblueyes -- love that new line too!

    As far as this board, I have learned so much. I skip to all the forums and can just read all kinds of things! It is amazing how many little things I have picked up here and actually have been able to USE either in clinicals or even class.
  5. by   bewbew
    Thank you for the comments...........

    I will admit, I swiped that tagline from a 'quote' site.......I suppose that it could be called plagarism.....:imbar

    I would have credited the author, but it wasn't noted!

  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    My tagline was what I used to say in nursing school to remind myself to ALWAYS wear gloves! It worked! And still does even tho I have been in nursing a while now. Never complacent w/PPE.
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    Dear bewbew:

    Welcome to the BB! Hope you continue to enjoy our web site for many years to come too. Think you'll be a colorful addition---like our Mico's quirky and interesting posting style.
  8. by   aus nurse
    Welcome bewbew,

    Promise I won't post too many huge pictures:imbar
  9. by   spineCNOR
    Good to hear from you, bewbew!

    You are so right--every nursing student at times feels chained to, if not trapped in their computer!

    I'll look forward to hearing more from Down Under, and good luck in school!
  10. by   bewbew
    Thank you all.......I really appreciate your posts!!

    bew :roll