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Ok , this came out of left field... at least to ME! I was fired today. Whoa, the reality is setting in now... or is that the wine I'm drinking? UGH. Got called into a meeting w/the supervisor... Read More

  1. by   nola1202
    It's not just the wine, it happened to me too, they also went after my license. You got caught up in a vendetta of someone who likely has a Personality disorder. They will seek revenge for a small slight you may not have known you committed. In my case I had the nerve to wake her up while looking for last minute staffing for the unit. I should have known that she only worked her assigned shifts and nothing else. Despite apologizing and letting her know I would know not to call again, nothing had been noted next to her name on the list given to me, and that I was told by the supervisor to call everyone on the list as she was too busy to do it herself...I was on the shi# list.
    I have never seen someone so angry and work so hard to hurt another human being. She collected grudges like stamps! I find it amazing how they have any friends at all, but I think it's because they select only one person to focus all their energy and frustration on as the time, and they pick someone who isn't an "insider" on their shift.
    Whatever, I decided that some people have made a career of being mean and underhanded in order to feel better about their own inadequacy. Find someone who will give you a good recomendation and use it, leave this behind you. I will always based on my past experience if I am ever suspended for any reason, get a lawyer and bring them with me to the next meeting. I will never allow myself to be alone in a situation like that again.
    Good luck to you, keep us updated!
  2. by   Faithful_RN
    Wow. After reading this thread, I no longer feel so alone and isolated by my situation. I was terminated this summer from my 2nd ever nursing job, also by no fault of my own (I spoke up about something that I should have just kept mum about, even if it was the right thing to do--but sometimes the right thing is not always the best thing in terms of job security, as I found out too late). I was in so much SHOCK, my own personal HELL, just really really miserable, and of course I still am to a degree, but it's gotten with a little time, and I am more thankful for my family than I have ever been in my entire life -- I truly realize what a blessing they are. I am still looking for jobs, and praying -- this incident, if nothing else, has brought me closer to my faith, and clued me in to the fact that sometimes politics is sometimes much more powerful than the actual blood-sweat-tears work we do out on the floor; sad but true. I just pray that we all find better, meaningful jobs in which we can survive and win out these sorts of battles in the future. I can't fathom this happening to me again, especially in this kind of economy.
  3. by   xtxrn
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    you can do that? i never knew, what company did you go through?
    A credit card, and a computer, and you can get a background check on anybody