I just became a CNA, need help

  1. Hi I'm new here. I just graduated High School and am a CNA. I applied for a job at a hospital, but I don't think I'll get it cuz I don't have any work experience besides volunteering. However there are a million job openings where I live for home care. I am kinda scared to get into home care cuz I don't know what to expect. Do you just do what the pt asks you to do in their home? Is home care fun, easy, or worth it? I would greatly appreciate any comments or experiences.
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  3. by   BGSUstudent
    I would suggest that you apply at a local nursing home and work there first till you get all the your CNA nursing skills down good. If you have no experence in this field you aren't not going to know what to do in some situtations if you are on your own. At a nursing home you will have other CNA's and nurses who you can ask questions that you have to.
  4. by   objectivist1
    Thanks! Its just that I haven't found any nursing-home job openings. What about at a hospice? Is it pretty much the same - although, wouldn't it make one depressed ?
  5. by   Katnip
    It depends on how you look at the end of life. For all of us, sooner or later it's inevitable. With a good outlook, a firm idea of what you believe about death and afterwards, being with a person at the end of life can be very enlightening.

    No doubt there will be difficulties, but usually by the time a person has reached hospice stage, they've pretty much accepted their fate and are in a stage of preparation.

    This is from personal experience, not professional. From a professional standpoint, I've been with several patients and their families at the end of life in critical care. It's a very intimate time for that patient and the family. It was really a privilege to be so entrusted at such a moving time.
  6. by   CHATSDALE
    I Would Also Agree That You Need Skills That Will Only Come From Working In A Nursing Home Or Hospital.....most Nursing Homes Will Take Applications Due To The Heavy Turnover Rate....i Hope That You Will Find Something To Your Liking Don't Let This Be The End Of Your Education
  7. by   fourevern4alwayz
    Hi, I became a CNA in February and all I have to say is: Take a job working with other CNA's and nurses and THEN, when you feel ready and are comfortable with what you are doing, if you decide you still want to try home care, go for it!