I have no idea which direction to go...???

  1. well, it's been forever since i've been on this site, and it feels great to be back. i don't get on here enough, but now that i have returned to rn school (yay!) i have a feeling this may be my new facebook. well, here is my dilemma.

    i have to choose: "a particular area of interest for the precepted hours (not location, but specialty)".

    i have only been an lpn for a little over two years now, and have been working in a clinic in both internal medicine and cardiology. i am very happy with both departments, but i am sort of inkling for some new exposure. i just have no idea which way to go. does anyone have any suggestions as far as an area to preceptor in? i am thinking that the best option would be to preceptor in a position that would provide the most exposure to hands on nursing. ideas anyone? thanks for reading, and i appreciate anyone's feedback.

    happy nursing!
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    [font=fixedsys]i have no idea what an rn school is -- here in the us we have adn (associate degree in nursing) and bsn (bachelors degree in nursing). once you graduate from an accredited school of nursing, you're allowed to sit for the licensing exam. i'll assume that wherever you are, you're taking classes toward a degree that will let you sit for the rn licensing exam.

    probably the best area in which to learn "nursing skills" would be some sort of med/surg floor. you'll get exposed to a variety of disease processes and procedures. or a telemetry unit to maximize your cardiology experience. good luck!
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    Just wanna say, OP, you might want to change your photo, if it is of you, to be less identifiable. This forum is viewed by absolutely everyone, even your classmates and instructors (don't believe them if they say they don't).

    For your own safety and success.
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    Ok, OK. That's good! A chicken is good
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    Thanks for the feedback! I guess I didn't think about it before I posted. I am pretty new to this site. I used to get on and read a lot but don't know much about the function. How do I view my post and the comments from others like you? Will I only get feedback in e-mail form?

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    And its a chicken with pocks! LOL...nudge