I got the ER!

  1. I just got the news, I am going to the ER for my final practicum. I am very excited. I would appreciate some wise words from seasoned nurses though, before I start.

    1. Any good tips about starting IVs? I have tried a few times, and haven't had trouble getting flashback, but I seem to blow the vein while I'm trying to thread the cathelon.

    2. What is the best way to become organized and not miss anything when it gets really busy? Our ER has wait times that often exceed 5hrs, so it is always busy.

    Thanks for anyone willing to help.
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  3. by   Andy S.
    Good luck with the ER, just keep your eyes wide open! Get your nose into everthing and ask questions!

    Try advancing your needle just " a hair" more once you get a flash and then advance the catheter. You'll get it!
  4. by   Scooby365
    Good for you!!! The ER is a great place to learn many new skills. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Pay attention to the patient. As far as the IV's......I agree with advancing "just a hair more" But between the "flash" and "just a hair more" try lowering the angle of the cath "just a bit".........as you can see a lot of getting IV's is feel.........and practice...practice....practice.
  5. by   Tweety
    Congrats and good luck. I don't know how ER nurses stay organized in the ER, it's probably like us, just go with the flow.

    IVs come with practice, practice, practice. Good Luck and enjoy!
  6. by   New CCU RN
    Congrats..... sounds like you are gonna be having tons of fun!!!! I agree with the above comments about IVs...esp the practice part...which I bet you'll get a ton of
  7. by   CMERN
    CONGRATS.....ABC's prioritize by Abc's and pain.. Protocols and care pathways help speed things along. Observe the veteran nurses and if possible hook-up with one. Get into as much as your allowed and be ready to learn ever so much..also take time to notice how good nurses enteract with pt's and family in crisis situations. E.R.-- There is nothing like it... You will LOVE it or HATE it..
    ( once your in the vein...slide the cath up.. not the needle ) Practice makes perfect..
  8. by   Chaundra
    Thanks for the hints, I think I am just "psych"-ing myself out about the IVs, and once I do a few I will have more confidence. The preceptors in the ER are supposed to be excellent, from what I've heard, so I should get someone who will give me lots of help.
  9. by   2banurse
    Congratulations Chaundra!!! You'll have to let us know how it is going...especially when you start feeling comfortable with the IVs...there are many of us SN who also find ourselves thinking of giving IVs successfully.