I get my Uniform soon

  1. I have been told that I get my Uniform in a few weeks. I know this might sound silly but I am really looking forward to getting that.

    The uniforms where I work are just the tops in pale blue, They look really smart and I think they make you look more professional.

    How did everyone else feel when they got there uniforms for there jobs?
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  3. by   Gator,SN
    I remember how happy and excited I felt when I bought my uniforms for school. I thought they were the so cool, I could hardly wait to wear them to clinical.
    But, since I've worn them for 2 years now and for the final time last Tuesday, I now like them much much more!!!!

  4. by   RNsweetie
    I too was so excited to wear my uniform to clinical the first day. I can't wait to get some colored ones. have a year and a bit in these white ones yet.
  5. by   gingerzoe
    I was very excited to get my uniform, and when I was an LPN in (1978) we wore caps. I thought that was the ultimate. I really appreciated the nursing pins. I have both of mine, my LPN and my RN pin. They mean a great deal to me.
  6. by   Care Assistant
    I got my Uniform THIS WEEK. On tuesday.
  7. by   sandylpn03
    Our uniforms are all white with a button on thing(I call it a bib) going down the front, they are very comfortable and have lots of pockets but I dream of scrubs!
  8. by   xited2bnurse
  9. by   PennyLane
    I know how you feel. I'll be getting my first school uniform soon. They're ugly, but I can't wait to wear it!
  10. by   CseMgr1
    Our uniforms in L.P.N. school (many moons ago) were blue pinafores, with white caps and a matching diagonal stripe (we all looked like a bunch of milkmaids)! seven years later, when I entered the R.N. program, we had white uniforms with our school's logo on the pocket...and a choice of either pantsuits or a dress (progress!)