I don't understand

  1. I have been surfing around I don't seem to understand your NCLEX testing system. I see some have 200 questions some more some less
    I wrote my NCLEX ontario provincial RN exams in 1992.
    We sat for 4 hours x2 days. We had around 600 questions although some tests varied in questions they were basicaaly the same. I recieved the extra package, this was on AIDS and was a trial pkg. that would be put into the next years testing. Can anyone help me out so I can better understand :imbar and prehaps not feel so foolish:kiss
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  3. by   ANEWBYRN
    The National Council of the State Boards of Nursing, Inc. has a website with a wealth of information about the NCLEX--www.ncsbn.org. Hope this helps!
  4. by   ERNurse752
    The NCLEX has a minimum possibility of 75 questions, and a maximum possibility of 200-something (can't remember exact #) questions.

    The computer turns itself off at the point where you have either answered enough questions correctly to pass the test, or missed enough questions to fail the test.

    We used to have the paper test with hundreds of questions over the course of two days, but the computerized version took over a few years ago.

    It isn't required to wait for the results in the mail either...at least in my state, you can go to the state website a few days after taking the test, and do a license search on your name. If you passed, you'll see your license information!
  5. by   cactus wren
    Yup, you can chek online in NM also, my daughter did...relieves the stress of waiting...Sixes, I understand you...when waaaaaay back, that`s how the test was here in the States..even had folks passing out(was in July,and hot and stuffy)..And having someone watch if you had to go potty... . Puters have made the boards so much more humane....and no 3 month wait for the results...
  6. by   meownsmile
    NCLEX used to be a 2 day written testing for RN's and a 1 day written testing for LPN's. That changed about 10 years ago. I remember sitting for my LPN license in a room full of about 250 people elbow to elbow. We were one of the last groups to take the written test that way. We used to tease each other on breaks about breathing to hard and sucking up all the oxygen. It was stressful. I just took the NCLEX-RN last spring on the computer format, it was still stressful, but much more comfortable.
  7. by   nurseleigh

    I just took my NCLEX and according to the pamphlet they give you to read before taking the test it is minimum 85 and max 205 for the LPN and minimum 85 and max 265 for RN.

  8. by   sixes
    thank you all for the info. Boy I wish way back when we had this system. I would have enjoyed this a lot better. I was flabergasted when I had to be watched going potty!!! Like what was I going to do cram answers you no where. Our hand bags, coats, books were checked, they weren't allowed in the room. Our arms and socks were checked for cheat sheets etc. Boy I must be getting soooooo old. I feel dated already and its only been just over ten years. On another point, I have a job interview at a large city hospital North Bay General next week. It's my first interview in 10+ years. It's for a surgical inpatient floor , hope I'm not too outdate for interviews. Have a nice day. By the way it's -26'C here today Brrrrr!!!!!