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well the thing I have been dreading more than anything else has happend I have been taken off my permanent nightshift and am being forced to rotate to days .... wouldnt be a big deal except I went... Read More

  1. by   mario_ragucci
    Aw wendy...wish I could give you the golden advice, but I am not even an RN, and don't want to disgrace you here by sharing too much here :-)

    You have the option of not going to school and staying where you are. I know many RN's are floating, and the general census must be lower based on present economic conditions. Just hang out another season and the situation can change. Think about summer school. Just stay the beautiful person you are, and I don't have to say that because you know I'll always know that. more power to Wendy!
  2. by   renerian
    Good lucky Wendy and keep us posted!

  3. by   ratchit
    Wendy, I'm guilty of typing while tired. I meant to be very much on your side- you had been given a permanent night shift slot, you have a union contract that addresses flex scheduling for school, you were doing perm nights when the manager decided to shake things up.... You're completely in the right. Be noisy and make them do the right thing.

    I do disagree with you on one point, though. Anyone who asks for special scheduling IS getting preferential treatment. I don't care if the reason is child care, diabetes, chemo, ANYTHING. If the reason is good, other nurses will lend a hand. But no one should be FORCED to.

    We all have occasional requests for doctor appointments, weddings, etc etc. And if someone gets hurt at work that is a totally different story. (As is your situation!) But if I had a job as a day/night rotator and the other person who had a rotating job refused to rotate, that would force me to do more of some shift I didn't want to work, without my consent. And that's not right.

    I'm speaking hypothetically here- I don't know what Jurby's situation/job description are and I'm REALLY not trying to be critical of her. But *IF* she is supposed to rotate and is refusing to, she is expecting her coworkers to be forced to work around her on a permanent basis. That's special treatment. No MD letter is going to change the effect that demand would have on the coworkers of a rotator who won't rotate.

    No one should expect to make demands that affect someone else's life. If someone needs a permanent shift, they have to be in a permanent shift job- not a job where everyone rotates BUT that person. I think this is true of shift rotation, holidays, and days of the week worked. No rotator should be able to say "I don't rotate", no one should be able to say "My holidays are more important than yours" and no one should be able to say "My commitments are more important than yours- soccer practice is Tuesdays so I won't work Tuesdays". School is a little bit different- it's job related. But still, I shouldn't miss out on my events so that someone else gets EVERY Tuesday and Thursday off for 4 months. And that's happened to me- couldn't take a class because coworkers could only work certain days a week. (Again, with the contract, your situation is different.)

    Go get 'em, Wendy!
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  4. by   Agnus
    Ratachet, I disagree with you on one point. If an employee has a medical condition complete with a Dr.'s note this is call special accomodation and is required by law and is not considered special treatment though it may feel like it when you are the one who is required to make accomodation.
  5. by   hapeewendy
    well I wrote a letter to our unit manager and have a meeting with the unit rep this morning from 8am -10am - should be interesting, I will keep you guys posted
    and as much as I respect your opinion ratchit and I too get frustrated when it seems as though I am inconvienenced by ppl with special scheduling needs. However two points for you to consider, the first being that in my situation no one else is inconvienced at all, no ones shift is being altered in order to facilitate my schedule, infact I am serving a need on the unit, namely that of chronic short staffing on nights. Also it sounds as though you have been burned many times from the shceduling needs of others, I dont know your situation at all but I would suggest that the next time something comes up that you want to do that you pursue it and cite all the times that you might have "filled in the blanks" while others did their things. Also, in the case of someone who is ill, it really is no different than someone who is injured on the job - shceduling wise that is. One of the good things about nursing, well in most places anyway is that if you are sick , your scheduling needs must be met. Where I work ,its not as though specific nurses are asked to fill in the gaps left buy those of us who have "special needs" , our schedule comes out 6 weeks in advance, what we do is we plug in the lines of full time RN's , fill the gaps with part timers and then if more gaps exist then we use what few casual staff we have, its not like nurse A constantly has a brutal schedule because I'm going to school.
    It sounds as though you might be in an unhappy working environment, I think you should address your concerns about scheduling with the "higher powers" that be and hopefully get what you want/need out of your schedule, in the meantime , dont blame those of us who are speaking up while you accept the junk they throw at you
    I was very much like you are , stuck at the mercy of my more "outspoken" co workers , doing cruddy shifts, all this drama when it was holiday time etc, if you dont start saying what you need out of your job then you're always gonna get the

    S H A F T

  6. by   sjoe
    Hope the meeting went well this morning. Glad to see you protecting your own interests. You've obviously figured out long ago the meaning of my sig:
  7. by   Shell7280
    3rdShiftGuy-- "That's awful. Come down here. There is no Union, but we bend over backwards, and turn flips, and do anything for the students. They can write their own schedule and their own tickets. Some of them get paid 40 hours for working only 16, just so they can stay in school and succeed."................ Where do you live and work!?!
  8. by   ratchit
    Originally posted by Agnus
    Ratachet, I disagree with you on one point. If an employee has a medical condition complete with a Dr.'s note this is call special accomodation and is required by law and is not considered special treatment though it may feel like it when you are the one who is required to make accomodation.

    I am no HR rep or lawyer type but I don't believe an employer has to accomodate a person with an illness in their CURRENT job. I think the employer has to make reasonable accomodations but I don't think they have to keep them on the unit. I could see a hospital saying someone could have a permanent shift on a unit that staffs with perm shifters, not rotators. I could absolutely see a unit creating a perm 3-11 job if there was a need. But does the law require the hospital to allow someone to say "I will work HERE and ONLY these certain hours"? I don't think so.

    I only have time to log on before bed and don't think I've managed to type what I'm thinking. I am all for employers having to support their workers. I just think that consideration is often expected and issued selectively.
  9. by   baseline
    Hey Wendy. Let us know how it went kiddo.
  10. by   ratchit
    Wendy, I'm on your side in this. You have a contract that allows everyone the same opportunity. It likely addresses what happens when more than one person wants to go to school and whether you're fulfilling a unit need or not, you are getting the shaft for the wrong reasons.

    There IS a difference between someone being ill and being hurt on the job, though. An employer should have to accomodate someone hurt "in the line of duty." Sick time and disability time are for illnesses not job related. *MY* life is not something an employer can "mortgage" for someone else's needs. Saying that someone's scheduling needs "must be met" if they want time off doesn't mean a nurse magically appears out of thin air. It means that someone else gets scheduled for all nights/eves/whatever. The nurse used to fill that hole came from somewhere. People get the flu, have car breakdowns, deaths in the family, etc. That is all normal variation that gets covered. But LONG term coverage is a different story.

    Again, I think I am guilty of typing while tired. I was unhappy in my last job- mostly due to really scary working working conditions, partly due to real favoritism in scheduling. I'm certainly not bitter- I spoke with my feet. Now I have a pretty sweet schedule and really like my job. I'm not saying people shouldn't speak up or address their concerns- exactly the opposite in fact, just with an equal amount of personal responsibility thrown in. You should get your perm nights job back. You should be noisy and stubborn until you get it, no matter what effect it has on your unit (good OR bad) because you have a contract that promises that. I'm not unhappy or stuck at anyone's mercy. I just think that we can't expect long term special treatment (NOT your situation) without looking at how it affects our coworkers.

    I'm not blaming anybody, I'm not at anyone's mercy, and I'm not writing with any bitterness or anger. I just think that no one has any right to say "I don't rotate" etc etc. If they accepted a job, they should fulfill the job. We all need short term accomodation now and then, but if someone needs permanent accomodation for their special needs, it should NEVER be made at the expense of other nurses. Should someone who agreed to rotate but now needs perm eves be fired? Nope. Should that person maybe have to transfer somewhere that offers that schedule without turning everyone else's life upside down? Yep. Nothing angry or resentful about that.
  11. by   hapeewendy
    it didnt go well
    so now on to plan b, whatever that is..
  12. by   baseline
    oh ****. Well, come with me to Az and work on the rez. Or hell, you can have a job at my hospital in Fla. School or no school.........I see this as an opportunity for you. Travel girl........travel.....make some money.....let someone else pay for school......
  13. by   PennyLane
    Ack. Sorry to hear that, Wendy. On to bigger and better...