I am a Failure!

  1. Hello, Fellow Members.

    I fee like such a failure I really want to become an RN, but it does not look like its going to happen. I struggle alot academically and I have had to withdraw from courses several times due to the fact I have a hard time academically as a result I have been placed on financial Aide Probation 1 because of it . There is alot of cirumstances in my life that are causing me so such problems academically. I think that I am going to try for LPN because there is a mixture of class and clinicals and the program is only for 18 months. Even though I want to become an RN really bad I think that I need to realize that it may not be in the cards for me and that I may need to try for LPN. I have wanted to become a nurse for several years now so I don't want to totally give up on my dream of becomiing a nurse because I strongly believe that I could do it, but not at the level that I am looking at. I lwould like to know has any one out there heard of these two books. The Nurse Entrance Test by Educational Resourses , Inc. or Nursing School and Allied Health Entrance Examinations by Arco. These are the two books that were suggested to me to study by. What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions or input? I am hoping to take the LPN Pre-Admission test eitiher on September or October 2003 and the class begins January 2004. Do you think that I am giving myself enough time to study for the exam? Are there any free online Pre-Nursing Exams that I can study for? Where should I go to look for scholarships, grants to assist me in paying for the course. I am sorry this post was so long I just had to vent. you may email me cjackson06105@msn.com
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  3. by   bedpan
    giggles? Your dream has by no means died nor are you in any way, form or fashion a failure! You will definately have ample opportunity to continue on to your RN after LPN - This is exactly the route I have chosen for a number of reasons.

    I just finished my 7th week of the LPN Program and my plans are to continue on for my RN afterwards - But even if for some reason I was unable to continue after my LPN, I wouldn't be a failure nor would my dreams die - I dream of being a Nurse and helping others - And I gaurantee you as an LPN we WILL be Nurses and we WILL be helping others!!!!
  4. by   jnette
    Well said, Bedpan, and I agree wholeheartedly.

    Giggles... never, EVER consider yourself a failure ! You do the best you can at what you can and you are a WINNER !!!
    Got that?

    If you feel the RN is just a bit much for you right now, go for the LPN and be PROUD to get it ! After a few years and you get some nursing and comprehension under your belt, you may be more well-prepared to move up to the next step.. your RN ! It's NEVER too late ! You are very WISE to recognize your limits and that speaks volumes... a "failure" would not see this. You go and persue your dream ! It will all come to pass !

    Pat yourself on the back now, and go do what you CAN at this point in time !
    Big hugs to you !
  5. by   VickyRN
    Perseverence is the key... if you can't get in by the door, then try the window! But by all means, never, ever, ever give up!!!
  6. by   nursenoelle
    First of all, you are not a failure. Everyone has setbacks. I think that it is a very good idea to get your LPN first. Good Luck to you. You can do it!
  7. by   Noney
    I agree with all the above. Never give up on things that are important to you.
  8. by   Caveman

    Don't EVER think of yourself as a failure. We all have struggles and set backs, strengths and weaknesses, but as mentioned here already, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Many people become LPN's on their way to becoming RN's. You certainly won't be the first, nor will you be the last nurse to travel that road. As also mentioned here, the key is persistance. Focus on your goal and move towards it one step at a time. Every morning when you first get up, ask yourself what you could do ON THAT DAY that would move you towards your goal of becoming an RN. Then, whatever that thing is, DO IT. The days will add up and you'll be an RN before you know it.

    Best of luck to you.
  9. by   shelleybelle
    Giggles, you aren't a failure... but please don't think LPN school will be any easier or less stressful. I'm not sure about other programs, but our LPN program is twice as hard as the RN program here and way more demanding. I, too have chosen the LPN to RN path. Mainly because I couldn't afford to be off work the two yrs it took to do the ADN program. I can work part time and continue on this way. Good luck in your endeavors... and don't EVER give up on your dream!
  10. by   WhiteCaps
    Giggles, Maybe you are right that becoming an RN is not where you are meant to be right now. That's not failure as a person.
    Sorry but if you are having that much difficulty, you will not be happy pushing yourself beyond your capabilities. Don't hurt yourself or someone else if you aren't cut out for the job. You might just need more time and experience before becoming an RN. One the finest "nurses" I know is a nurse's aide!
  11. by   susanmary
    You are not a failure -- whether or not you do or don't become an RN or LPN. Do not define yourself by your grades. You are much more than what you do -- your job/profession is what you DO -- not who you are. Do the best you can, try to stay focused, and be kind to yourself. And never think of yourself as a failure again ... no matter what. Yes you may fail at something -- that's life -- but that does not define you or make you a failure. Enjoy your life ... and good luck.
  12. by   ainz
    Never give up. Just because you may have to stop pursuing one thing does not mean you can't refocus and rechannel to something else more suited to your particular talents, interests, skills, and ease of learning.

    Circumstance are a tremendous influence on our ability to comprehend and sometimes we have to stop for a while to regroup. I had to work fulltime every day I ever sat in a college classroom so I had to get my education a "piece at a time." I earned an ADN, BSN, then MSN, all over a 12 year period.

    Never give up.
  13. by   bewbew
    giggles, don't give up...........I started the training, then became an LPN, then FINALLY went back to it and graduated as an RN........if it is what you want you will achieve it in the end!
  14. by   sjoe
    66 writes: "What do you think? "

    I think I would go to a nearby community college, complete their career testing program, and THEN think about what kind of future plans you want to make.