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Okay, I am a nurse who is returning to nursing. Is it my dream career? Probably not, but I do miss the patients and I hate to give up on a career I worked so hard for. That being said, in my... Read More

  1. by   dragonflyRN
    I would love to open up my own LTC facility.
  2. by   grace90
    I would love to be a chef like Rachael Ray,
    a wedding cake maker
    full time craft maker
    race car driver
  3. by   kenny b
    Quote from Elisheva
    I've actually done some catering and I love to cook. Unfortunately, doing these things on a small scale doesn't generate a lot of income and doing it on a bigger scale requires a full-time committment and some cash.

    I do make killer bagels and cakes, though. Maybe one day.....

    Thanks for the encouragement.
    Well, the demand will always be there for bagels and cakes, that's for sure! It's right up there with nicotine and gasoline in terms of demand.
  4. by   imenid37
    I would love to be
    1) a millionaire something...who also has an office or vacation home in Australia
    2) a woman with the body I had at age 19-20
    3) a mystery shopper for sweaters, purses, shoes, restaurants, or even groceries (no home items or Lowes/Home Depot type items)
    4) a philanthropist to implement some of my "dream" programs for kids, pregnant teens, and stray cats (being a millionaire or billionaire would help w/ this too!)
  5. by   imenid37
    Quote from catcoon
    I am not a nurse, I am a...
    Nurse Educator (working on that)
    Millionaire raising "little" dogs (chihuahua mixes)
    Living in the Caribbean with no monetary needs
    Therapist helping others who have suffered childhood abuse b/c I have
    been helped by the greatest therapist to overcome mine
    Thanks for the opportunity to dream awhile:angel2:
    You could become a nursing instructor at the University of the Virgin Islands! and bring your cute little dogs too!
  6. by   chelli73
    I am a graduate nurse, but I dream of...

    1. Being the lead singer of a cool rock band...(love my karoake nights!)

    2. Being a research specialist at the CDC that embarks on the cure for cancer...followed up by an institution being named for me after all of my contributions...(educational and financial!)

    3. Being a great RN...(I have always dreamed of being a nurse, ever since I was a little girl. My aunt recently gave me a very old pic of me dressed in a nurse costume when I was around 5-6yrs old, I wish I could post it here...it looks so cool next to my graduation pic)
  7. by   mamason
    I am a nurse, but I dream of:

    1: Owning a Tiki Bar on the beach in Aruba
    2: A designer of fine jewelry
    3: A storm chaser
    4: An Anthropoligist who discovers a great treasure in the Egyptian Pyramids
  8. by   rhenmag9
    I am a nurse..but I dream of....

    -being a broadcaster/journalist..
    -a fashion designer
    -magazine editor..
    -movie director
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  9. by   twotrees2
    Quote from Elisheva
    Okay, I am a nurse who is returning to nursing. Is it my dream career? Probably not, but I do miss the patients and I hate to give up on a career I worked so hard for.

    That being said, in my fantasy life, I am not Nurse, I am:

    1. A wedding planner
    2. A pastry chef/caterer
    3. A fashionista dress designer
    4. A major piddler moving from hobby to hobby each hour of the day.

    A girl can dream.

    hmmm -
    1. stay at home mom again
    2. lab technician
    3. social worker/counselar
    4. traveling the USA selling at fleamarkets and big shows making lots of money lol - right
  10. by   twotrees2
    Quote from twinmommy+1
    In my fantacy life, I would be...

    Definatly super mom,
    But I always did want to be a nurse
    i have to admit - my "school book" my mom made- every year i was a "nurse" since kindergarten - an occassional yr or 2 i added "navy wave" to the "nurse" but nurse wsa still there
  11. by   twotrees2
    Quote from Bethy-lynn
    when I grow up, I want to be:
    1. a Wedding Planner
    2. a Wedding cake baker
    3. an Alpaca Farmer
    4. A civil engineer/ architect who builds hospitals/ medical facilities
    5. the inventor of the cures for HIV/AIDS, Cancer, and MS.
    6. President of the United States... someday this may not be a dream...

    ahhh yes - me and my friend who is also a nurse have a dream together to win the loterry and build a nursing facility for teh elderly and we would have only the best and not have to worry about costs and stuff and wed never turn anyone away cause they cant afford it - good to staff and residents etc. we look foreward to this.
  12. by   CyndieRN2007
    In my fantasy wife I am...
    A CSI agent...
    A Coroner...like Dr Baden
    A movie star..
    Or a stay at home mom...
  13. by   LisaRn21
    I am a nurse but I dream of ...

    1. being an MD....if only I could make my wishes come true