Hurrican Gustav - page 2

Is anybody watching this thing on TV?? It looks VERY scary. I am from Mobile, AL and am worried for my friends and family there. I really hope this isnt another Katrina!!... Read More

  1. by   ElvishDNP
    Prayers sent up for all of you in/around the Gulf Coast.
  2. by   herring_RN
    Quote from icyounurse
    Nurses are the best!!
    You guys are awesome
    Including you also!
  3. by   10MG-IV
    THANK YOU! I want to THANK YOU for taking care of the families of South Louisiana, actually for all of those that were displaced by the storm. Nurses, Assistants, Aides, Secretary s, Dietary, Security, Monitor Techs, Housekeeping, Docs, Volunteers, Maintenance All ya'll Pat your self on the back because we love you in advance. If I could I'd cook up a pot of gumbo,have a Fais Deaux Deaux (fais do do) and pass a good time....