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Hello, I recently been accepted into nursing school and I was wondering if anyone can offer me an advice regarding nursing classes and school. I have about 4 months to prep myself. What should I... Read More

  1. by   s5995
    Quote from WcBrinkerhoff
    I am starting in a few months also. I am so lucky that my sister is a nurse and gives me advice, and I have the chance to learn from nurses like you all on here! Thanks so much! :spin:

    I wanted to add something to this list. I was driving the other day, pulling out of my street, and it hit me: "I am starting nursing school!!? They are going to let me loose to work on people when lives hang in the balance.." I had this dreaded feeling come over me.. like an anxiety attack!! Freaked me out! Has this happened to any of you?
    Even though I haven't start Nursing school, I have been freaking out everyday and it's so hard to get it out of my system. Well, I'm just hanging I there. Couldn't sleep for 3 nights now.
  2. by   cardiacRN2006
    Seriously? I'd go on a vacation. If you can't splurge on that, then go see movies, and read some People magazines. Don't blow your free days now on nursing school! You've got nothing but the next few years to do that. Enjoy yourself now while you still can...