How to find if classmates passed NCLEX in FLorida

  1. Hi All,
    I am just wondering if their is somewhere with the Department of Health in florida that you can search to see if classmates passed the exam or not. I'm really not being sleazy I am just so stressed out about passing the NCLEX I'm trying to see who passed knowing how I stack up to my classmates. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but any nurse knows this is a stressful time!!!!
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  3. by   beth66335
    I don't know about Florida since I don't live there, and I understand worrying...all nursing students do, but I'm sure you probably can't. I'd say it's a privacy thing just like people not being able to see each others grades in school. I hope you get results soon so your worry will be over!
  4. by   pedirn1
    I don't know about Florida, but in Texas you can search the BON website and type in first and last name. It should be able to tell you if the person is a GN or RN....if a student didn't pass NCLEX then they loose their GN and you can no longer find their name on the website until they pass. I gradutated a year ago and I understand the stress!
  5. by   UM Review RN

    Just fill out what you know and hit the search button.
  6. by   beth66335
    That's good to know. I wasn't reading the question well enough, I was thinking how well they did. The "stacked up" part threw me off...
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