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Today I saw the charge nurse and the unit secretary repeatedly putting their heads together to try and decipher doctors orders. I could not help but wonder at the zillions of hours that have been... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    I worked in a big teaching hospital associated with the medical school. It was also Level I trauma center.

    There were 34 orthopods, between 8-10 ortho residents; there were trauma residents and their attendings; anaesthesia residents and their attendings; there were med students who did not always sign the orders as M III couldn't carry them out til the MD/DO cosigned.

    There were internists...private and staff and their residents. It would not be unusual at all for 15-20 different folks to access the chart on any given day.....

    MY solution would be to call the chief ortho resident and let him/her handle the ortho residents......

    The TRAUMA surgeon* would handle his puppies no question, and then we tried our best to figure what else to do with the rest.

    * If I were to be in a trauma I always said I'd name this guy as THE one to see me.....he is AWESOME......

    I even have a sticker on the back of my driver's license naming the hospital, surgeon, internist and ortho I want.......
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  2. by   psnurse
    I love the sticker on the back of the drivers license idea.

    My colleagues and I have kicked around the idea of having a tatoo of MD's not allowed to touch us placed on our chest. This sounds much easier and less painful. Easier to revise if you move, ect.