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U.S. Navy RN 16 yrs Clinic Manager $6,800.00 month Moonlighting job: RN 16... Read More

  1. by   Ltkristarn
    position held: rn

    yrs held: two yrs, but spent eleven yrs as a paramedic prior to and during nursing school.

    area work in: ccu

    wage: 80k a yr in taxachusetts (massachusetts), this is through a traveling agency- included in that is also my housing allowance and bonuses. don't do overtime, work three 12 hr shifts a week, and only one weekend a month.
  2. by   nurseone
    I've been an RN for 26 yrs. I work in a GI Lab and assist as well as perform sigmoidoscopy (14,000 since '95) I work Mon-Thurs and the rate of pay is $33.95, 6 weeks vacation, 5% 401K employer contribution (but no pension)... health insurance and dental. The trouble is that housing is very expensive . estimate you must be working full time at $33.00/hr and pay 30% of your take home for rent for a 2 bedroom apartment... 3 bedroom house built in 1920 in North Oakland (near Berkeley) on my street sold for 645,000.. duh... soon we'll be living in Modesto and flying in to work???
  3. by   patadney
    I have been an RN since 85 and do traveling in Dialysis-usually make $25 hr doing Acutes with $4 an hour for call pay-I have my CNN and the hospitals usually want me to come back. I worked for the last 3 winters in Arizona and enjoyed the sunshine-usually net 44,000 to 48,000 per yr.
  4. by   nurseseashell
    LPN, Nursing home, Arkansas, 2 years, 12.25 plus insurance, 401k, life insurance etc, I pick my on schedule to work around school, NO WEEKENDS!!! i have worked 1 sunday and 1 saturday night in 2 years since i have been a nurse.... and that was optional ....
  5. by   csbay
    LPN with 2 years experience I started at $19.80 /hour in the acute care, med/surg part time.
    Then in Home health made $20+ dollars an hour as an LPN.
    Northern California pays GREAT! Here in TN, though as a telephone triage around $13 hour with 5 years expe. ICK!
  6. by   morpheus2000
    CVICU-Head Nurse
    Memphis, TN
  7. by   RNCM
    17 Years
    Director of Utilization Management/Discharge Planning/Social Services (Hospital Setting in South Texas)
  8. by   rosieseattle
    RN, Agency, specialty ER/ and L&D. 40-45 in Seattle/Tacoma area in Washington State.
  9. by   TexasNewnurse
    Originally posted by iris
    3 years
    ambulatory specialty grp
    My favorite specialty is Ortho.
    Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm (NO WEEKENDS) ;-)
    Benefits and tuition reimbursement
    Best yet-I work in a hospital environment as an LPN and work independently. I guess I'm not doing too bad.

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    I am a new nursing student in Texas, I havent even started my pre-nursing courses yet, and I was wondering how many people get tuition reimbursement? I went to school three years in Art before hearing the call of nursing, and I still have substantial debt from that--just wondering if there's any chance the debt from this education will be lessened

  10. by   Andrew

    I have been in the Navy for 12 years, 3 of which have been as a nurse. But those other 9 years help my pay considerably.

    Labor and Delivery
    3 years as a nurse.
    $4400 a month. (Depends on where you live as well. Housing allowances.)


    I will be starting a night time per diem L&D position soon.

    It is roughly around $33.00 and hour.

    Or $395 a shift.

    Nice cash!

  11. by   NurseTami
    Nurseseashell- do they tell all the patients goodbye on Friday-we will see ya Monday??? LOL Just joking- what is your job title?
    Curious. Tami
  12. by   Mellissa

    22$/hr 7-3

    i start new job next week

    17$/hr 3-11
  13. by   Furball
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