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U.S. Navy RN 16 yrs Clinic Manager $6,800.00 month Moonlighting job: RN 16... Read More

    1. RN
    4. 40, 000 a year with 5 weeks vacation pay, 10 holidays -
    1,500 is for taking call one week out of 5 weeks.
    Our RN staff nurses make 19.00 to start , LPNs-16.00, CNAs-10.00-no shift diffs
  2. by   Dplear
    Acol29, not to be sarcastic but you must lead a very sheltered existance. I know of many who do this just for the money....I will never condem anyone for doing this for the money, because after all money does make the world go around. Why not go for as much money as you can? It does not make you any worse of a nurse if that is yoir motivator. In fact I would say that might make you sometimes a better nurse, because if you are not good enough they will get rid of you. I have seen it happen many times.
  3. by   hannabear1
    Originally posted by Brownms46
    OOPs forgot to answer the poll : .

    21+ yrs
    Travel Nurse
    Area of work depends on Contract
    Pay depends on contract, from $18-25/hr plus fully furnished private housing, and utilities paid with Benefits, and starting, and completion bonuses.
    Apartment now is 2/2 with washer dryer, microwave, TV/VCR. Some with cable, phone, cooking utensils, and even maid service on one contract. But would give it all up for a great fulltime position with excellent benefits, and adequate staffing.


    rolleyes: if you don't mind me asking, which travel agency are you booked with-because I may go into traveling myself--thanks
  4. by   nursedora
    I work in a fairly large Skilled Nursing Home as a Charge/Medication nurse (LPN) in Northern NY.
    We recently went from an 8 hour shift to a 7.5 shift
    and rate of pay was "adjusted" to compensate for reduced hours. So now I make $11.59/hr. Not much to choose from here. So I pick up a private duty case in my free time on occasion. And I make from $12 to $24/ hour only thing is no benifits.
    I've been in nursing for 15 years. Have experience in two different states. And several different areas.
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  5. by   Josefin
    1.Swedish RN-student, working as psychiatric Nurse assistant this summer.
    2.None. Been working as an aid before.
    3.Psychiatric unit here in Sweden, nightshift only.
    4.1800 $ /month including benefits.
  6. by   goose
    1. RN
    2. 7 years
    3. $41500/year base salary + Weekend On Call pay $50/day + flat Visit rate if visits performed on weekend (every 3rd or 4th weekend).
    4. Patient Care Coordinator/ Case Manager Home Health.
  7. by   Nurcee
    3 yrs as RN
    1 as LPN
    Transfer center for level 1 trauma in Georgia
    love my 9A-9P job, 3d/wk @ 21.61/hr
  8. by   rn500
    Thank you, Dplear, for voicing some of what I was feeling! I get a little tired of hearing how anyone who is in nursing "for the money" shouldn't be doing it or isn't an effective nurse. I am happy for all those who are nurses because it's a calling, or such a wonderful profession - I was one of them once. But for a lot of reasons I won't go into here, I couldn't afford to do anything else even if I wanted to (and I do), at least for the time being. I don't expect crocodile tears for me, that's just life. And frankly, I think the attitude that "no one does nursing for the money" has hurt us in the long run. We are still treating the nursing profession as just a lofty calling rather than the business it has been forced to become. Before everyone throws their keyboards at me, let me say that even on my worst days at work I am well aware that I hold in my hands the capability to impact someone's life in a permanent way, and I don't take that lightly. I still marvel at some of the things I am witness to, and some days I feel downright blessed to be in this profession. But I still have to pay the bills, so I still have to take crap from doctors, and I still have to work short handed, and I still have to go home with sore feet. And while my pay increases barely keep up with inflation, my medical co-pays skyrocket.

    Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now.
  9. by   tiger
    i agree with dplear and rn500. if you don't want money for your work then freakin volunteer. we do a hard job and deserve compensation. if i could easily go into something else making the same money i am now after 11 years at the same place i would leave in a heartbeat. j
  10. by   Shona
    Originally posted by plumrn
    Calling all nurses! Just a quick poll.Please tell us your:
    1.Position held.(RN,LVN/LPN)
    2.Years as a nurse.
    3.Area of work.(M/S,ER,LTC,etc.)
    4.Current hourly wage.
    This should be interesting. Thanks.
    24 yrs
    Part time Orthopedics
    $30.24/hr + 13% in lieu of benefits + shift differential
    made $46,000 last year, worked approximately 1,100 hrs
  11. by   mommylpn
    LPN - 5 years
    west-central PA
    $12.28/hr, plus $.60 shift diff for 3-11 &11-7 (no extra for weekends)
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  12. by   lita1857
    I work to earn money.I expect to be compensated for my work.They pay me for my skills/experience/knowledge base/education/talents.If a nurse will not negotiate for themself, how can they be the best advocate for the patient???Think about it.
  13. by   DebiL&DRN
    Currently I am a travel RN doing short term travel for one month at each assignment with option to renew usually for $30-40/hr. Housing & airfare always included and car rental usually covered by company as well. I also do prn at local community hosp. near Lexington, KY where I make $24/hr. As a staff nurse there a year ago I was making $19/hr. Awful! No the cost of living isn't that low to justify this salary.
    I have 11 years experience as a nurse & all 11 years in L&D. I have a BSN & am an IBCLC though can't find a decent paying job for a lactation consultant(IBCLC) here in Lexington.