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  1. by   grnvillechick
    10 years
    Critical Care
    17.31 hr
  2. by   fiestynurse
    WOW!! This discussion on wages is great!! This is what they don't want us talking about!!
    I work in Santa Barbara, CA.-- very expensive place to live.
    1. RN Supervisor,BSN
    2. 22 years experience, strong work history,
    Give 110%
    3. Responsible for 40+ employees,
    9 speciality areas
    4. $24/hr, terrible benefits
    exempt employee, which means not paid OT

    1 year later - Quit that job!
    Now, making $33/hr
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  3. by   Bevie

    Director surgery
    RN-BSN since 1991
    staff salary range- $16.40-$25.02
  4. by   goldennurse
    1 1/2 yrs.
    30,000 yr.
  5. by   Mikkey
    Rural Michigan
    23 years
  6. by   Julie, RN
    1. Staff RN
    2. 1 year
    3. Inpatient Oncology
    4. $17.37/hr (Base Pay) (We get yearly raises and bonuses q3yrs)
    5. Durham, NC (Live in Raleigh, but work in Durham)
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  7. by   luvrn
    1. RN
    2. 8 years
    3. IMCU
    4. 21.35 (WV)
  8. by   ornurse2001
    1) LPN / RN

    2) 12 yrs / 1 yr

    3) many areas-currently OR

    4)current-14.70/hr as an RN/OR
    and $1.25/hr for on-call
  9. by   liveintheOR
    1. LPN/RN
    2. 7yrs/2yrs
    3. West Virginia
    4. work in the OR
    5. $25/hr per diem--no benefits $41/hr for voluntary overtime
    $3/hr call pay time and a half for on call overtime
    shift differentials for 3-11, 11-7 $2/hr for 3-11 charge
  10. by   beaniweeniRN
    18 years
  11. by   tiger
    i'm an lpn in las vegas. been an lpn since 1985 and have worked at the same hospital here in vegas almost 12 years. right now i make 18.90/hr with full benefits. we get a yearly evaluation which has always gotten me 3.8%(but i'm hearing from my coworkers that since we got our NEW boss that all lpns have gotten 3% and all rns 3.6%). mine is due in dec. so i will see then. we also usually get a raise every 6 months per our union contract. last time it was 3.5% twice the first year and 3.25% twice the second year. our contract was up in july and negotiations are underway. also i get a yearly bonus that gets larger each year you are there. we have good benes. free insurance for me, and i pay 50something per check for hubby. also tuition reimbursement, anything over 40 hrs a week time and a half, time and a half for holidays, etc. very small shift diff. and no weekend diff. i accumulate 22+hours of cal time a month(to use for vacation or whatever) plus around 7 hours of eib(extended illness bank) time per month. we also have a deferred compensation plan so you can save money before taxes.
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  12. by   bassbird
    I find the range of pay ridiculous. I am working as a hospital pharmacy tech while attending nursing school and my base pay is $14.87. I make .80 shift diff and an extra $.50/hr weekend rate.

    What I do is important but can't compare with the responsibility the nurses have. I hope the national attention that is being given to the nursing shortage helps remedy the situation, although here in MN the media hasn't given the nursing strike as much attention as it deserves.
  13. by   thriftymom30
    I have been a LVN for 10 years I currently work 50% as a school nurse for $1047/month with full benefits. I supplement this with agency relief at psych facilities and LTC. I make $23-25/hr with the agency depending on whether it is a weekend. I usually work 8 extra shifts a month with the agency.