How many hours can you work in Nursing School? - page 2

I am starting Nursing School in January and I am wondering how many hours those of you in the FULL TIME program are working and still managing to pull off good grades??? How many hours what is your... Read More

  1. by   Squaw
    I feel like a C nurse is sometimes better than an A nurse. I work full-time, I go to school full-time and I have 2 children living with me (5yr old & 7 mth old). When you graduate noone is going to announce your grades, they will just give you the diploma that you have passed the required areas.

    Please do not feel like you have to be an A student to be able to go to school. Do what you have to do for your family but you can make school work! I had to give up all of my extras but it has been worth it.

    Good Luck!!
  2. by   IrishItalianRN
    Im afraid that if im just a C graduate that i will not understand things that are very important down the road when im on my own as a nurse and not in classes and clinicals with an instructor, I dont want to just slide by.... isnt that dangerous at this point?
    I have a job interview Thursday for a part time pool / on call type job so im going to see how that turns out. Im hoping to work 15-20 hours per week. Thanks for all your input!