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How long does giving report take at other places? At my hospital, time stops while we take 1.5 hours giving report. Any ideas? How do we get other procedures done during this time?... Read More

  1. by   Cheyenne RN,BSHS
    We do primary nursing care so that I am only going to hear the report on my own assigned patients. Takes about 10 minutes and the other few minutes I use looking up the lab values and xray results done on each patient.

    There's a shift to shift report the senior nurse uses, but it only hits the high lights of patient changes or conditions for them. We each write on our patients before the shift change for them.

    Patient ratio is supposed to be 1:6 ... every now and then you get a seventh patient, but that is not the norm. Our unit closes and routes patients elsewhere when there are not enough nurses to care for the patients.
  2. by   TreceRN
    Our 33 bed cardiology unit switched from a taped report (which took 1/2 hour to 45 minutes) to "walking rounds" over a year ago and we've cut our report time down to 20 minutes max. Our process is the charge nurses come in 15 min before shift and the off-going charge gives a brief report to the oncoming charge on every pt (just the essentials to make appropriate assignments based on acuity/skill mix). Then everyone for the oncoming shift meets in the report room for 5 minutes to get their pt assignments and a report sheet with all the pt's names, MD, & diagnosis. Then the nurse meets with the off-going shift and they exchange verbal report. We've found that this not only decreases time spent in report, but it has increased inter-shift communication and improved staff relationships and peer accountability.
  3. by   Heartsofangels
    I work in long term care and it usually takes 15-20 minutes depending on the nurse and what has happened. I like taping reports the best. The next shift comes in, you do count and leave. We also have a report sheet we fill out for anything that's new so the next shift can also read that. I don't really like verbal reports because you can get off track easy and you're there longer, but I like it because I feel like I won't miss telling the next shift anything important.
  4. by   AutumnSunfire
    Where I work it takes maybe 15-20 minutes..depending on the day. The report is typed and read to next shift.
  5. by   muffylpn
    In my hospital it takes 45 min for the day and 3-11 shift to
    get report. I'm still trying to figure it out. It takes us the
    11-7 shift 10 total minutes to report