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So, I just applied to SFSU for a 2nd bach in Nursing and I am GOING crazy. :uhoh3: :eek: My friend (who just graduated with a BSN last year) said she would be surprised if I got in on the first... Read More

  1. by   kimmie518
    First try.

    Applied in mid-October 2005, accepted in November 2005, started early January 2006.

    Obviously my school didn't have a waiting list, but most of the students that took a pre-admission test with me, did not begin in the program. I'm assuming they did not get in.

    In fact, I don't believe anyone that took the test with me got in.
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  2. by   sissyboo
    I got accepted the first time. I had applied for the day program and for some reason they assigned me to the evening/weekend program and then said i could wait a year and start the day program. I waited the year and have been spending it doing pre-reqs. I start this summer!
  3. by   jewelsg627 I applied to one school (SFSU) which I know was soooo stupid b/c I put all my eggs in one basket and now if I don't get in I'm screwed. The NP I work with (and my friend, the nurse) said that I most likely will not get in the first round, which really makes me sad. I have known I wanted to be in medicine all my life and now I have to wait longer. Honestly .... I am so depressed thinking about this.

    But, I know if I don't get in, next year I will apply again but apply to more schools.

    More options? Well, yes, I could apply to the community colleges but even they have certain restrictions (i.e - College of San Mateo - you have to be a RESIDENT in san Mateo County to apply). So, next year I will apply to 2-years as well as other 4-years.

    God, I feel so stupid............
  4. by   JB28930
    I did not get in my first try, but was on the waiting list to only not get in. Like others I had not applied to any other schools. I got in on my second try 1 semester later and will graduate in December. FINALLY!!
  5. by   BerthaRN
    Don't feel stupid don't even know the outcome yet, so it could work out.

    Research the colleges around, mine has rolling admissions, so if you are passed up for the one, you are at the top of the list the next time (in theory). I applied for spring, and it was already full from the rolling admissions. However, I now have an opportunity for the fall, and I'm hoping and praying.

    Whatever is meant to be will be Jewel, so don't worry. See what your response is, then make a plan. It will work out one way or another.

    Good luck to you
  6. by   Soup Turtle
    My school (community college in TX) ranks applicants each semester. There is no waiting list. I got in the first time I applied, but as an alternate. They have 120 spots each semester, but get over 1200 applications! I got a rejection letter before I got accepted.
  7. by   jo272wv
    since I did not go back to college until I was 40, I did a year of remedial classes. I then applied to nursing school the following January. I received a letter of rejection in April but was told to send a card in to be put on a waiting list. I sent it in and in three weeks received an letter stating I would be able to attend in the fall. I worked also on pre recs the first year before I applied also which may have helped.
  8. by   jimthorp
    First application at the local CC.
  9. by   Cherish
    Didn't take long-except for the wait. Got in on first try.
  10. by   GeminiTwinRN
    I started pre-reqs at the local CC in the fall of 2003. Applied for the nursing dept. the following Spring, got a denial. Then was admitted in the Fall class of 2004. Graduated Dec. 06. I can honestly say that I am happy for the wait. I was able to complete all my pre-reqs, and thus had only (ha! only!) the nursing classes to complete.

    Good luck!
  11. by   nitesky83
    I got in right after i finished all my prereqs. No waiting list for me!
  12. by   puresass
    i started my pre-reqs in fall 2004, finished them spring 2005 & i've been on the waiting list for almost two years now. i should find out this month if i'll start this fall. if not i'll go crazy.
  13. by   RNin'08
    2 years of pre-reqs and one application. I got my acceptance letter last March and had to wait for classes to start Jan. 07...of course I also put myself on the CC waitlist "just in case" and have been on that list for almost 3 years and will probably finish my BSN degree before they get to my name on the waitlist!

    ~my reality check bounced~