How long before maternity leave?

  1. I'm currently trying to figure out when I should go on leave. Most of the women I've asked feel really proud about working to 40 weeks, or even working while in early labor.

    Im just not sure that would be safe for me. I've already had to take time off due to complications. I've been working since I was 24 weeks, and now that I am 33 weeks, I am thinking it's time for me to stop working. I've had moments where I had intense pressure or cramping and needed to sit down, yet my pt is alarming vtach. Last week I started spotting and my doctor said it was okay at the time, by I just started spotting again and I'm afraid it's work related. I'm really trying since I would be taking unpaid time off, but I would rather keep my baby and myself safe.
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  3. by   JKL33
    You and your doctor together are the only ones who can make a plan for what would be the safest for you/your pregnancy. Also, something being "work-related" (both in the simple/common sense and in the legal sense) is something you should discuss with your doctor. After you know the medical plan for the remainder of your pregnancy, you can find out more about how your workplace will handle it by visiting HR.

    Best wishes -
  4. by   sirI
    Yes, please speak with your HCP. We cannot possibly offer the medical advice you need per the Terms of Service.

    Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy and we hope everything turns out perfectly for you.