How long are you registered as a CNA in North Carolina?

  1. I passed the CNA state registry exam at the end of July 2009. I was planning on working as a CNA while going through school (not nursing school), but I realized that right now I do not have the time and I just need to focus on my studies. I do however want to work as a CNA this summer or possibly next year during the school year. However, for some reason I remember someone saying that you need to find a job in the first six months in order to stay on the registry. When looked on the registry, I saw that my license will expire in July 2011. Is that if I am working as a CNA? If I don't find a job by december, does that mean I need to take the class again?!
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  3. by   canigraduate
    Once you are on the registry, you are on it for two years. You don't have to take a class to renew, you just have to work 8 hours under the supervision of an RN during the two years and have the RN document it. You do not have to get a job right away, as long as you work as a CNA within the two year time period for at least an 8 hour shift. This is what I was told, but you can check the NC BON website at to find out for sure.
  4. by   justpeachy84
    I believe that's correct too. I never heard anything about any sort of time limit to work, just that you needed to work 8 hours to renew your registration. Here's the link to the NC Nurse Aide website:
  5. by   Bowersj
    as long as you work at least 8 hrs in the 2 yr period and have them to fill out your paperwork when you get it you will keep your cna . I was doing private duty and taking care of motherinlaw who has alzheimers and it slipped up on me now i have to challenge the test so please don't let that happen to you