How hard is to get a job after completing Accelerated BSN

  1. Thinking of career change, but before I do that wanted do some research. Thinking of going back to school for the accelerated BSN. How hard and how long it takes to find a job in NY after graduation/passing the NCLEX. What are the starting salaries in NY?
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  3. by   Atl-Murse
    What has your research suggested ?
  4. by   roser13
    Depends upon:

    Your location in NY (big state)
    Your location's supply of facilities that hire nurses
    Your location's supply of nursing schools
    Your location's supply of new grads

    Do some research for your specific area. Google job postings for your specific area.
  5. by   Angiec1
    Thank you for the answers, I'm from Queens so was trying to get the info about 5 Boroughs. Unfortunately there's so much conflicting info it's hard to know what is true:example: starting salary 80k on some pages on others 50k- huge gap When asking schools assure that it's easy to find job after graduation. That's why im curiose how long did it take to find job someone who experianced it -graduated accelerated BSN ? As mentioned this will be a career change so I need to figure out a budget and savings to be able to sustain myself through school and the time to find a job.

    Any answers to the questions and suggestions are greatly appreciated.