How does a BLS Skills Session Go?

  1. I completed part 1 of the HeartCode BLS course online with the American Heart Association (have certificate). Now I have to do parts 2 and 3, which I understand are practice and skills sessions in person in order to complete certification for a card. I just scheduled my skills sessions for a few weeks from now. This will be my initial BLS certification and am getting it because it's required for the nursing program I will potentially start later this year.

    I just wanted to know what to expect in these sessions, I don't want to "fail" ... would appreciate any input.
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  3. by   mamamerlee
    You will be expected to demonstrate the appropriate skills - how to recognize the need, get EMS on the way, take pulses, etc. Everything that was taught in the program. The instructors don't want you to fail, that's why they have practice sessions. You would have to be totally terrible to fail; the instructors will work with you.