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Ok, in my small town 70 some resident LTCwith all psych, geriatric, and hospice patients), which is understaffed, things get crazy.:chair: Tonight while half of the staff was out to lunch, and... Read More

  1. by   canoehead
    I agree with those who just put one foot in front of the other and eventually your relief will come.

    I have some sympathy for your bad night, sometimes you can't do anything right. I was giggling when the second resident started screaming (Oh geez, what now?) and would probably come out of that room with a big smile on my face and told the rubberneckers "it's OK they just need to blow off some steam, give them a few minutes" shut the doors, and stood chatting to make sure no one went into the screamer's room to egg them on.
    Absolutely would have called people back from break to disperse the crowd, and reminded them that everyone has a meltdown at some point and deserves privacy. Possibly threatened them with a meltdown of my own if they didn't give us 15 min of peace to let the screamers settle. OK, maybe leave out that last part-but you did OK. When the patients all gang up on you ya gotta just try to get out with your dignity intact.
  2. by   Youda
    Originally posted by FutureRN_Mandi
    Everyday is not like this, infact alot of days I have a good time over there.

    By the way, Angus, yes I am afraid for my job. Other gals that where from the same class as me got fired for turning down too many overtimes. This is the only place in the town that I live in that I can have a job as a CNA, and I love being a CNA and I love this little town.

    UHHHH . . . did I just hear MANDATORY OVERTIME?
  3. by   happthearts
    Don't answer your phone or turn your answering machine off arround the time the hospitail calls warn your friends to do the ring 2 method hang up and call back durring those times. If the hospital start insisting. I would tell them Iam trying to avoid from being burn't out .Also check that overtime make sure your getting paid time and a half and double when they pay it.

    If you should get fired
    I would sure meet with the hospital administrator first and ask her or him to write that I was fired for not doing over time.
    Be nice and adult and just say I want my next employer to understand why I was fired. Its very important that you do this cause you do not wish to mess up your nursing carrier later on. You also want to check your record in Sacramento about a month from now where your CNA license comes from to make sure there are no bad marks against you. Then I would contact the labor board in California. I had something like this happen to me when my child was very ill and dear husband was in medical school and I just couldn't do over time. After working five years with not a bad mark. just had a great review. They tried to fire me but I sued them and won over 30,000 dollars. plus I was given a copy of my file at the hospital with all my reviews in case they tried to change any thing.
    You may want to consider home health just advertise in your local paper its a lot less taxing when your trying to go to school or you could look under hospice care or home heath nursing in your telephone book

    hope this helps happyhearts
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