How do I report a Doctor to the DEA? Anyone ever do this? - page 3

It is long overdue. This particular doctor has done the following while I have worked with her or near her at this clinic: After I inform her a particular patient I have worked up is suspected... Read More

  1. by   badmamajama
    I'm too tired too spell, my apologies!
  2. by   enchantmentdis
    Be prepared to lose your job if you report that doctor. They have ways of finding out who reported them and you could be axed.
  3. by   Piglet08
    I'm concerned that what's at risk here is your license. Or more.
  4. by   classicdame
    read the transcript for the trial of two Texas nurses who reported an MD. It can be found on the TNA website: In Texas the nurses have a legal responsibility to report ANYONE who might be providing illegal or substandard care. But you better be sure you know what you are talking about.
  5. by   fltnrse2
    Remember Anna Nichole, Michael, Elvis and on and on. For every preciption addict lies a member of the healthcare team willing to write the scrips. When I watch the addicts being arrested by the droves in places like Florida for selling the scrips they just walked out of the office with, I think to my self, if you take out the one component that makes this whole scenerio take place day after day it wouldn't stop the practice but it sure would curtail it. As a society we have elevated white coats to a level of God's and many of them actually do deserve our respect, but why I wonder is society willing to watch this happen and do nothing? Therefore, there is always the Board of Healing Arts in your state, but be careful, ask them how you go about making a complaint, some have websites that you can print off the form. It's the very reason this kind of thing continues, because we are "scared". I agree with my college that said it is a duty as a licensed health care provider to report. If perchance something happens you no doubt will be asked "why didn't you report this?"
    It's the old rock and the hard place, but I trust that you will do the right thing. I support you 100%. FLTNRSE