How difficult are the pre-reqs??

  1. I have always been a poor math & science student in the past. Believe it or not, it has been one of the reasons why I hadn't pursued nursing years ago.

    But I have always wanted to be a nurse and I am determined to make my dream come true.

    I am still undecided about LPN or RN...However, I believe they both still require the same pre-reqs??

    Please tell me your experiences and what sequence I should take them. Unfortunately, school will be on a part-time basis.


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  3. by   spineCNOR
    You may well be selling yourself short--just because you were not great in math or science in , say, high school doesn't mean that that will be the case today. Why do you feel that you were poor in science in the past? Was it perhaps that the classes didn't interest you? If so, you would probably do much better in classes like anatomy and microbiology, where you can see that these subjects have a practical application.

    Talk to other students who are attending or have attended classes at the school(s) you are interested in. I completed an RN-Mobility program in December after being out of school MANY years. It was my experience, and the experience of my classmates, that our professors really wanted their students to succeed, and would help us in any way they could--something that really makes a difference in how well students do. Ask other students if the professors are accessible to students and willing to give students individual help during their office hours.

    I always though that I was poor in math, but I enjoyed my college math class because the professor explained concepts well.
    Some colleges offer remedial math classes if you feel this is something you need.

    As far as pre-reqs for RN there is anatomy and physiology, microbiology. The rest would depend on your school-probably psychology, sociology, english, etc.

    I don't know about LPN prereqs.

    The bottom line is go for your dream! Even though you may find some of the classes difficult, with determination and perseverance you will make it!

    The best of luck to you,
  4. by   AlaskanRN
    I went back to school after MANY years. I was a poor math student in high school (failed algebra), and dreaded the thought of taking algebra in college.

    I started with the beginning class that I like to call "Algebra for Boneheads". I took it through the learning center of our University where I could work at my own pace and get individual tutoring. In the beginning I thought it would kill me, but not only did I get through it, I passed with flying colors, and with that base went on to take college algebra and pass it also.

    As a high school student I was average all the way. When I went back to my late thirties...I was amazed to find that I was much more intelligent than I had ever given myself credit for! I carried a perfect 4.0 for most of my nursing school career...algebra and chemistry pulled it down slightly...but i still graduated near the head of my class.

    The nursing program I went through required most of the same pre-requ's for LPN as RN with the exception of math...more required for RN, but don't let that frighten you!

    I say GO FOR IT! As an adult you are going to school because you want to...not because someone is telling you you must. It makes all the difference in the world in attitude and grades.

    Good luck and keep us informed what you decide...
  5. by   MelH
    NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE, MY DEAR!!! You have waited long enough for go and get 'em. My advice? Take them one at a time so you can focus on them. If you feel like you can take your chemistry (if your school requires it) and psychology then do it. I don't, however, recommend taking two sciences at the same time ESPECIALLY if you are a little apprehensive about taking them in the first place. Key word you said in your post "But I have always wanted to be a nurse and I am determined to make my dream come true" this is the key word (s) here. You are determined and if you are determined you will make ANYTHING happen!! Good luck to you and much success to you!:kiss
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    please don't let math deter you from your goals. much success to you!
  7. by   dv06674
    dear julie
    There are a lot of pre reqs for any nursing program. My pre reqs consisted of chemistry, a&p 1 and 2, speech, english, math and microbiology.It took me a long time to finish them but it was a ll worth it. Now im in my last year of nursing school and fullfiling my dream. Take one day at a time (and class) and make ypor dream come true. It seems like a long road but before you know it you'll be there -good luck -debbie
  8. by   happy
    hi I am new to this site, and also a first year nursing student. The pre reqs at my school for the LPN program are biology, basic chemistry, algebra, english 1 and also CNA. The pre reqs for the RN include those of the LPN as well as A&P 1, A&P 2, Microbiology, Speech, Sociology and Phsycology. We have a high first time pass rate for our boards as well. Like you I am just now returning to school at the young age of 32 with a hubby and 3 school aged children who are supportin me all the way. In my opinion you are doing the best thing you can do for yourself and your family , you are simply improving YOU. What better investment could there possibly be. I have taped this quote to EVERY one of my folders , my car visor and also my computer I hope you enjoy it........

    If you can imagine it,
    YOU can achieve it.
    If you can dream it,
    YOU can become IT!

    By William Arthur Ward

    Keep on Dreaming, You will achieve your goals!!!

    Christy-aka happy
  9. by   Teshiee
    Wow! This reminds me of my mom big time. For my mom chemistry was hard for her, and because she was having such a hard time she stop persuing nursing. I told my mom please don't give up I am a product of you, get a tutor do what you have to do. Sometimes you will find with the right person you will get through. I know for most of my class mates microbiology was hard. With tutors most of everyone got through. Til this day I hate math but I know sooner or later I have to deal with it. Please don't give up your dreams can become reality. Just believe and make it happen. Good luck to you!
  10. by   Neon8
    My poor performance in high school convinced me that I wasn't very bright. But when I returned to school, my first class was Beginning algebra with load and loads of homework. It was a summer class so I worked zillions of problems every single day! When I got my A in the class I just couldn't believe it! I remember dancing in the front yard after getting it in the mail while my four year old daughter watched in delight. From that point on I knew that all it takes to get an A is that you do the work, and that is what I did. I went on to graduate with honors. School is much better and easier when you are motivated and working towards a goal. Being older helps too.
  11. by   Michelle_nurse
    I felt the same as you. I never thought I would even go into College. I wanted to be a nurse at 16 years old, but thought I wasn't capable of doing the pre reqs: Math, chem and physics. I did them slowly part time while I worked. I failed chem and thought forget it!! But I re did it, just hoping for the best. I passed and got accepted into the program.
    It took me 5 years to complete my RN diploma, and I can't say it was always easy, but I DID IT!! Became an RN at 24 years old.

    I am starting University for my bachelor's degree this Wednesday. I have been out of school for over a year and I am looking forward to this!

    You can do it, motivation is a great strength!!!

    Good luck!
  12. by   Vsummer1
    It had been so long since I graduated HS that I had to take pre-reqs just to take pre-reqs! At first it seemed I would never get there, but I did them. It took me years and now I am in the program. We needed chemistry (which had pre-reqs), anatomy and physiology (also had a biology pre-req) as the only pre-reqs to enter the program.

    To earn the degree, you need Engl comp, microbiology, philosophy, phychology, a diversity studies class, public speaking, and sociology (there are certain things for a degree that everyone has to take such as humanities but these might satisfy the degree reqs). These can be taken after you get into the program, but most people take them earlier while taking the pre-reqs.

    I would suggest seeing a counselor or at the very least looking at a catalog for what you need to start with.

    GOOD LUCK! If I could do it, anyone could!
  13. by   mario_ragucci
    I galloped through my pre-req's and it took me a year and a half to complete them all for acceptence to Portland Community College School of Nursing. Last year at this time I was just finishing up the level two anatomy and physiology class. In other words, I spent the whole summer 2001 in school, and I am so lucky the school offered this intensive summer anatomy class(es), because I could totally immerse myself in it, and ultimately gain acceptence starting in 10 days.
    Why do you say you are poor at math and science? Does that mean you don't lke it? For our RN program, you had to complete a mid level college algebra. Math was slow for me too. People hafta explain concepts so I understand. Math is all concepts, and so is nursing, I heard.
    Once I got math, it was fun and made me think clearly. I struggled in the tutor center, but learnt it.
    You gotta like to learn to be a nurse, I guess. Not a scientist or playboy brain surgeon, but at least to the point where you don't grumble if you have to learn on a daily basis.

    If you don't like to learn at all, or can't see yourself really and honestly spending the time with the books, then I'd say forget about it and not go for it, this way, you don't suffer so much :-0
  14. by   LvNwannabe19
    wow. I just started coming to this site and I really enjoying reading what people have to say. What struck a nerve was everything that you said I could relate too. Math and science aren't my best subjects and I get down on myself about that. I really want to become a neonatal intensive care unit nurse and then I dream of going to a foreign county to help with a relief effort.
    Thank you for your encouraging words and I'm gonna do the best with what God has given me.