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Hi Everyone, Just wondering how you found your first job and how long after passing the NCLEX did it take? Did you have to go out and shake the bushes or were you recruited? Thanks, ... Read More

  1. by   DolphinRN84
    I graduated this past May and actually starting looking for a job in January-February. Didn't have much luck. I graduated then focused more on studying for the boards. Took them in July, passed then went back to looking for a job. I finally was hired at a hospital this month and started orientation this week. Had a rough time looking for a job since the job market is kinda tough out here. I'm thankful I finally found something.
  2. by   malire
    I'm in my last semester of nursing school and I started looking for jobs on hospital websites at the beginning of October. The hospital where I do my externship recommended applying before graduation because most of the "new grad" jobs will be filled by January.

    By mid-October I had an interview at my #1 choice and was offered a job so I took it! I'm officially graduating in January and I start working at the end of March (after I pass the boards).

    It was stressful to look for a job and interviewing while still trying to concentrate on school but I think it was worth getting it over with and knowing I won't be looking for a job for 6 months after graduation.
  3. by   Imafloat
    I just got my first nursing job about 10 days ago, 4 days before I graduated. This job is in the same unit I did my senior practicum at. It is a popular unit so the job wasn't just handed to me, I had to interview for it and wait for the call. I have already had my physical, I am just waiting to take the NCLEX before I start orientation. If I don't pass the NCLEX, I will be allowed to work on the unit as a PCT until I pass.
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