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How about them Buccaneers?! Finally, after 20 plus years as the NFL joke, SuperBowl bound! Disclaimer: I am a baseball fan, but I will always root for the home team. Now, if only Lou Pienella... Read More

  1. by   flowerchild
    Gromit, Yes, I do remember when you could get a ticket for free pretty easily if you wanted one. Season ticket holder freinds used to give me their seats often. NOT ANYMORE and that's a good thing. Non Buc fans must try to understand what we have been through to understand our moutainous joy now. This is incredible!

    3rdShiftGuy, I heard they told the Bucs that there were 10,000 people waiting for them at One Bucs Place last night but that there were actually between 40 and 60,000 waiting per the local news. They wanted to surprise them. The plane flew over the stadium at 1600 feet and circled on a bank so all the Bucs could see all the fans. I stayed up and watched them land at the airport then arrive at RayJ, they couldn't even get the buses through the crowd, the people were lined up on the sides of the road for blocks. Many of the people waited several hours to greet the returning winning team.

    I am very proud to be a Buc fan! The Buc fans make us proud. There were no fires, car tosings, fights, or any other major problems last night. The whole get together had no plans and they errected a stage and mic and set up the reception area on a moments notice. My hats off to everyone who was involved, including Tampas finest. The police were dancing in the streets.
    And yes, it did sound like the fourth of July and New Years last night around here! People were blowing their car horns and setting off fireworks. EVERYONE AROUND HERE IS SMILING, HAPPY AND NICE! What Joy!
  2. by   cindyln
    I am both a raiders and bucs fan. Martin Gramatica went to college here.Just loved watching him kick. He is so fun. I will be cheering both teams on next sunday.