How are you doing finding jobs?

  1. I'm just curious how well the new grads are finding jobs now days. I feel really bad for students when I see them at my work, because I know that finding work is going to be very difficult, and they work so hard to get where they're at.
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    I know...I warn the students that are doing clinicals at my job to start looking now, even though they have a year to go until they graduate. At the least they can start networking at the clinical sites, or try to get in somewhere as an aide/tech for the year.
  4. by   DC Collins
    Absolutely suggest they start networking NOW. I graduated in Aug, and of the ones I know, about 1/3 still don't have jobs. I got mine in the unit in which I spent my last quarter.

    Tell them to *shine,* stand out, be helpful, make those nurses LOVE them so that those nurses will work to get them a job. Those of my class who did not apply to or get a job in the units where they spent their last quarter are the ones having great difficulties.

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  5. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    Do really well in your Senior Preceptorship and try to get placed in a unit with a high probability of hiring new nurses. Provide them with a resume and follow up. Keep in contact with your preceptor and have them champion you. The wheels are starting to turn....slowly, but they are turning. Good luck!
  6. by   silentRN
    Well, luckily I have a job. I graduated back in May, 2008. I actually found a job before I even graduated. I remember I filled out an online application and the hospital called me back the very next morning! and they asked me what 3 units would I like to work on. I had interviews lined up, then got hired that same day of my interview. It was so easy back then! 2 and a half years later, there's not a single job opened for new grads. My graduating class was very fortunate. We were the last class to graduate before the hiring freezes of 2008.

    Since then I've been fortune to work a year on the floor then transferred to the STICU and I am currently cross-training in the ED.

    I'm just counting my blessings. University Medical Center in Tucson is a very good hospital to work for.
  7. by   Vtachy1
    It is tough for me and I have 20 years of experience! I'm not picky about salary either. I have been looking for several months and never worried much about interview skills and resumes. I've always been able to pick and choose where I work for the most part. I have learned that you have to go in physically and be a bit pushy. I want SOOO much to work with Hospice, but I have no home health experience. So I have been a Hospice volunteer several months. Yesterday, I went into the office, met the volunteer coordinator, and she was SOOOO sweet and introduced me to the manager of Hospice! Oh I have such a great feeling about the people and the manager, but now if I can just get them to like me. She did say she had a feeling we might be meeting again (I hope she meant an interview)

    Get this!! I filled out an application online, then a week later personally drove 45 miles and hand delivered my resume and cover letter (the human resources lady was gone, I wanted to personally meet her!). I called to make sure she got my resume and application, she *said* she passed it on the the manager of Hospice, but the manager yesterday acted like she had no clue about me.

    It sure is tough goings out there for nurses trying to find jobs!!! I always heard that they didn't like the experienced old nurses because we won't work all the extra hours like the eager new grads will. I heard that hospitals prefer new grads. But from the sounds of it here on allnurses, new grads are having a tough time too.

    I also interviewed 3 weeks ago for a home health nurse position, I call once a week and no news. I wonder if they think I've been out acute care for too long? (I have been doing telephone triage for not quite 2years) And telephone triage is absolutely one of the most sophisticated kind of nursing there is! It borders on the edge of doing advanced practice, we don't diagnose, but we have to think diagnostically. Ughh!!!

    I also put my application in for a psych outpatient nurse position I saw in the paper. I'm doing a lot of praying and a lot of searching the newspapers, hospital websites, health department websites that are even remotely close, and craigslist. I love the job I have now, its just that I need a day job to supplement my income because I only earn $15 an hour. And we just purchased a vehicle. Sigh.

    I had such a good feeling yesterday when I met up with the Hospice manager, I hope she will just give me a chance!!! I plan to write a thank you to her for meeting with me and allowing me to speak to her.

    Any advise for us old nurses getting a job? Maybe I'm applying for the jobs that are big time sought after. Maybe the agency/hospitals only hire from within?
  8. by   whereslilly
    Vtachy1, I feel your pain! At least you are employed!! I too have over 20 years experience under my belt, been jobless since July,2010. Yes, I remember the days, of walking into any hospital and getting any job,shift you desired. Plus, I worked in one of the top NYC hospitals and was given housing, cause I asked!! It is ridiculous how many Rn's are competing for so few jobs. I still believe they prefer to hire a "New Nurse" over someone like you or me. Partly age discrimination, mostly a $$ factor (they fear we want compensation for our experience). Also, a new grad can be molded easier into what they want. I guess I'm already "moldy", lol.