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Please rate your doctor-nurse relationships over the past year. "Bad behavior" consists of all negative behaviors, from disrespectful talk all the way up to violence. Please feel free to... Read More

  1. by   purpleiris
    GRRRR I am angry at doctors! I am sick of them thinking that that the nurses are their personal lackeys, secretaries, and all around gofer. I had a doctor call me out of an isolation room all the way to the nurses desk to ask for a patients chart! What about getting off your butt and getting it yourself??? Yesterday a doctor called me because I paged him about a new consult. I spoke to my manager today and she wants me to write him up. I hate getting anyone in trouble. Why can't everyone just play nice??
  2. by   SoundofMusic
    I'd say on our unit at a large hospital they are fine, for the most part. There are a couple of outlier ass****s that come in from time to time, but we just ignore them and don't respect them -- so I don't know what they think they gain from it.

    The ones who are nice get rewarded -- we are happy to see them when they come in, we offer them a seat, offer them snacks or treats, and just generally make respectful conversation with them. I don't understand why any doc would want to be rude to a nurse -- we are there as their eyes and ears, and they rely on us a lot to assess and care for their patients.

    I've gotten over complaining with their curtness -- many are taking care of a LOT of patients, and they are busy -- I understand that -- so I've worked to keep my reports short and to the point and to know what they need to know to report it to them fast. I think as long as you do that, you can make their lives easier. Many aren't all that bad, really -- we work at a teaching hospital also, so many are young and just aren't as grouchy as the older docs.

    I've had a few just hang up on me -- and I just say, oh well -- whatever. I guess he/she was in a hurry -- I just don't take ANY of what they do personally anymore.
  3. by   ghillbert
    Quote from scarymary
    I work with one doctor who refused yesterday to clear up his sharps, threw equipment on the floor, refused to write prescriptions - generally acted like a prima donna.
    I would have suggested that tantrums generally end with childhood, and told him to come get me if he decided to act like a professional, just before I walked away.
  4. by   Birdbr
    Quote from shmoofins
    A lot of our doctors are rude and just expect to get their way all the time. Of course the management just encourages that because they're too scared of losing them to a competing hospital. We have one doc that's really awful to the staff but nothing's ever done about it.
    I Think that the medical administrators/managers should be more afraid of losing their nurses seeing that there is a shortage of nursing staff. Nurses work just as much as a doctor if not more and should be just as valued as a doctor.