Hospital Survival Guide for Friends and Family - page 3

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  1. by   PANurseRN1
    If you really want to stay overnight, then just pony up the extra $$ for a private room. That way, you're not an imposition on the roommate.
  2. by   sissyboo
    I have only had experience in Peds. One parent is always allowed to stay with ALL of our patients, no matter the rooming conditions. Patients were roomed by age, gender, and diagnosis or were roomed together if they were siblings.

    Do NOT under any circumastance, have sex in pt room or bathroom. There have been several times the night staff would come in for vitals, breathing treatment etc... And parents would be just going to town! Sometimes two parents would be allowed (private room) or would have two kids in the hospital, meaning two parents could stay.

    Bring your OWN snacks, the ones kept in the supply room are for our patients only.

    The doctor put your child on a certain diet for a specific reason. Please do NOT feed your child off your tray if it is something not allowed in your childs BRAT, Clear Liq, Liq Only etc diet. When you do feed your child something not in the diet, don't be upset when he's having more trouble later. When they start having tummy troubles later, DO tell us what you gave them, even if it is not outlined in the diet. It will help us AND your child to know.

    Keep your PEDS pt. off the floor. He may be the patient here, but that floor is STILL disgusting.

    Do NOT take your child to visit other childrens rooms. If you know someone in the hospital when your child is admitted, let us know and we WILL try to accomodate you.

    It is NOT your business why that newborn in the room right across from the nurses station does not have a parent with it. Do not ask any staff any questions about the baby or any other patient for that matter.

    We do NOT know when the doctor will be through or what he's going to do with your child. Please do not ask.