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  1. I hope someone can help me understand how if a state's practise act ,allowes an lpn to do something, how can a hospital policy say no they can't?
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  3. by   nimbex
    Despite being covered from the "board or borg", a hospitals policy and proceedure, as long as with in nursing scope is your LAW.

    I am not an LPN so I'm very unsure of your scope but I do know that any proceedure requires three initial check off's before you can independently perform. Plus a didactic, educational portion must be included as well.

    You facility may have decided only to allow RN's a particuar skill, EVEN though you are able per nursing boards because that is where their comfort level is. Ie. In NY I could do ABG's, not in NC

    In NC I can reposition swan ganz catheters (yes advance too). Until recently, advancing the catheters was thought too high risk for nursing to do. (although I agree,,,,moving a catheter around someones heart is not something I care to take on). But MD's complained about having to keep comming in and repositioning them so now a policy change, and guess who gets to do it?

    Does that answer your question? If not sorry !!!!!!
  4. by   ohbet
    I guess that 3 initial check off rule before a nurse can perform a procedure is at your hospital?
    Cause it sure isnt where I work.
  5. by   donmurray
    I'd guess, (being a furriner) that the Practise Act is the legal framework in which you perform your function as LPN, and the hospital policy forms part of your employment contract / job specification as a hospital employee.