1. Hi all-
    I am a student nurse, graduating in May. My dilemna is, I'm also having a baby in May. Besides passing the NCLEX, I'm trying to find the best opportunities for me to work in after graduation that are also flexible. I'm leaning toward office nursing, since then I won't have to deal with a long full-time hospital orientation. I only plan on working part time at first and was wondering how flexible the hospitals are with their new grad orientations??? So far, I've heard that they are full time for like 6-12 weeks, and most of them on days. This would not work for me since my husband would not be able to stay with my infant because he works days. Any advice would be appreciated!!
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  3. by   Genista
    Hi Amy-
    Orientations differ from hospital to hospital. I graduated in May 98, and had 5 weeks orientation, which was longer than most hospitals offered here. I did do both day & pm shift orientation, for my pm shift position. I met a new grad recently @ my current job (acute care) and she said they were only giving her 2 weeks orientation!Some places will orient you on the shift you work, or on other shifts. It depends. You can also consider working per diem in acute care. It is easier to "get oriented" if you work more often, but who knows? I would think it depends on the job and unit. Our hospital has lots of part time & per diem openings on virtually every shift. So, you might want to ask around at the local hospitals and see what is available before making any decisions. Good luck!