Hormone Question

  1. I'm 54. I've been on hormones for 14 years due to a vag hyster (when I was 30). Premarin up until a year ago. Now, Tri-Est.

    My maternal grandmother died of breast cancer. My paternal grandmother died of old age. One maternal aunt died of stomach cancer (thanks to the stockyards of Chicago, way back when). Other maternal aunt died of throat cancer (too much smoking and drinking). My own mother is healthy as a horse, at 85.

    You think it's time to come off the hormones? I hate the thought of it. My energy level will go down. My skin will dry up. I'll start getting wrinkles. Oh well.

    Just want to know what you think. I have my annual physical coming up in five days. I need to make up my mind.

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  3. by   renerian
    Bella Hey LADY! I did a search and came up with all kinds of articles on the risks with HRT. I know we talked and my Dr. is getting ready to take me off after 3 years on estrogen s/p total hysterectomy. I would love to hear from some of the other ladies on what they think. To bad no Drs. here.......

  4. by   BellaTerra2002
    LOL Back atcha! LOL

    Yeah, I know we talked, and I know that I'm probably going to have to come off of them. It's WAY overdue, I'm sure. But I just HATE the thought of doing it. More than anything, it's the energy levels.

    If my energy goes down too much, I can kiss ANY further schooling goodbye while I'm working FT. And then how do I do my pre-reqs? My BP is SO low -- 90/60 -- that I'm hardly a bundle of energy.

    Anyone got any antidotes for low energy?? I take Super Green Food, an excellent vitamin/min combination AND a little extra C (1000 mgs. twice a day) cuz I smoke, and I usually get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. So anyone got any other suggestions?

    How 'bout for the dry skin and wrinkles?? I have almost NO wrinkles now. I swear my mother has had a face lift. She looked like a prune in her 60s and then when I saw her, a year later, she had virtually no wrinkles. Any antidote for wrinkles other than a face lift (which I will NEVER do) and stopping smoking (which I am doing this month!)?
  5. by   renerian
    Smoking is a numeral uno reason for wrinkles. I have quite a few already. I don't mind them I guess. I don't like the brown spots on my face though. Tried to lighten them to no avail. I don't want to go off my hormones either but my doc is insistant. Maybe I should see my Gyn dr who did my hysterectomy and see if she will keep me on them......

    hehehe evil grinning,

  6. by   oldnewnurse
    Now 52, was on FemHRT 4 yrs, no hys. Started bleeding about every 45 days, switched to Activella in 2001, still bled. Doc d/c everything May, 2002. No bleeding since, no hot flashes, no loss of energy; it actually increased when everything d/c. Am now full time student. Good luck whatever you decide to do.