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  1. Sister in law called this am stating her husband a type 1 diabetic awoke confused, didn't know who he was and was doing bizarre things like taking everything out of the dresser drawers, then he got very upset and was crying like a baby. He received an insulin pump a few months ago could that be it? She took his FBS and it was fine WNL, took him to the ER and they checked him out and said he was fine, did bloodwork and I'm not sure but i think a CT scan. Still seems a little out of it but states he feels a little better. He also recently had laser surgery on his eyes for retinopathy.
    Any clues advice or information would be appreciated.
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  3. by   Tweety
    How old is he. Being a former neuro nurse, I think of things like a TIA or CVA. A CT may or may not show anything, but I would definately think that would be in order. He should followup with his primary MD.

    Glad he's o.k. though.
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  4. by   weezieRN
    3rd shift guy, that was my first guess but do stroke pts usually have such bizarre behaviors, memory loss i can see but he was doing things that he doesn't even remember. The bad side is that he is only 23 yrs old with two young children and his eye sight is deteroriating etc, not an easy thing to say but i don't think he'll be around or functioning as he is now for much longer
  5. by   flowerchild
    Perhaps he kinked the tubing and didn't get his basal rate during the night, woke with a dangeriouly high sugar level then got a bolus once the tubing unkinked, by the time he took his sugar? Novalog and other insulins using pumps start working really quick, 30 min or less and peaks in 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Or maybe the insulin pooled in his body rather than being absorbed right away and he got a bolus that way? Is he getting up in the middle of the night sneeking sweets and not providing the meal bolus? I would strongly suspect this even if he denies it. I'd get all the simple carbs out of the house and watch for evidence of this behavior. Is he calculating his corrections properly? Pumps are great when used properly but can cause major problems when they are not.
    Glad he is OK now.