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  1. I am a nursing student and twenty year respiratory therapist, and convinced PPS (prospective payment system, part of Medicare reform in the 90s) has cost lives. My long time trach patient died from a clogged trach tube, shortly after the RTs left the facility, and exactly as the nurses predicted would happen, despite weeks of training before we moved out. Home vents are better managed by practicioners with years of training in pulmonary medicine and vent management. Just another example of managed care--and reckless productivity demands of our employers. I gave in--and I'll make a damm good vent nurse! John
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  3. by   leslymill
    Well glad to have you over here on this side Vent Nurse. Maybe you should offer inservices to nurses if you have alot of vent patients. I think it is sad with all the communication and training you gave your worst fear was realized.
    Glad you have allnurses.com to vent ON....
  4. by   Thornbird
    I'm confused. Is it home vents or nursing home vents you're talking about? I've worked a lot with vents but agree with you, primary care for vented patients should lie with those who specialize in them.