Holy smokes nurses!!

  1. What a day! It started with a dead patient, doing post mortem care. Then, I heard an irregular heart beat (no tele) so the works for that patient, which ended up with a 1st degree AV block and SVC's. I was really proud of my assessment skills ( 1st year in nursing Feb 28). My other pt is total care and sopping wet in urine. My last is a post op who is unable to void. No biggie.

    Day calmed down, until I'm at the elevator, FINALLY ready to go home. This man comes in, looking all upset. "They hit my car!" he says. I'm like, what??? He says "There are lots of police out there." Then a nurse comes in saying "Shots fired! Shots fired!" Apparently we were in the middle of a police chase with lots of shooting. I could see a car upside down and a pole knocked over and like 15 police cars, 2 ambulances, 3 firetrucks. I couldn't walk to my car because the path was part of the scene. I felt like I was on ER!
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  3. by   Michifura
    WOW! What a day, you got to love nursing .
  4. by   eriksoln
    Good part is, no matter what happens tommorow, you'll be bored with it.

    And if U R not, if you have a worse day tommorow.............YOU ARE ON ER.
  5. by   Spritenurse1210
    WOW and i thought my place sucked!