HIV info for Dummies

  1. A friend of mine is HIV +. I don't know a heck of a lot about lab values and treatments. Anyone give me a clue or know of any good sites?

    His plts are 83-94,000. I don't know T cell, but don't know values anyway. When do you seroconvert?

    And he will start interferon.. Side effects? Need reverse isolation?
    Why not protease, TC3 and.. that other drug that escapes me?

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  3. by   fedupnurse
    Is your friend going to a doc that specializes in HIV treatment? In my hospital it is the Infectious Disease docs and they do a great job managing their patients. Not sure of any sites but I hope your friend does well. They announced this am that they have discovered 3 proteins that long term HIV patients who never progress to AIDS have and are hopeful that it will be useful in research to help better control the disease in those who do. I hope your friend benefits from this!
  4. by   micro
    I would have to research as any, but I totally agree. Ensure that your friend is going to a doctor that specializes in Infectious Diseases specifically and into a program within the community where they are. There is much support of many forms there. There is so much available for people that are dealing with HIV + status and active AIDS, it is vital to be active within such a program. People no longer are just dying with AIDS, but living and being successful with AIDS. The cure is not there yet, but it is coming.........keep hope. Best of wishes to your friend.