Hired or Rejected as New Grad!

  1. With the nursing shortage and this supposed phenomenon of everyone getting a job, I was just wondering has anyone ever not been hired for a new grad job?

    I applied for two jobs out of state (Med-Surg) and was not offered them, even though they told me I interviewed excellently, but I was offered jobs in my own state at every facility I interviewed at in Med-Surg and Specialty.

    So does anyone think that states discriminate aganist out of state applicants "outsiders" or that some states have a bigger shortage than others?

    Experiences or Input would be greatly appreciated~
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  3. by   purplemania
    We could guess all day, but the out of state employer might have been concerned that you would not stay if you had ties elsewhere. It is expensive to train new grads that first year.
  4. by   PralineLPN
    I was hired by the place I was working at as a GNA. Keep looking, I'm positive you'll find something. You might have to take something you don't really want, though. LTC (what about a transitional care unit? basically skilled care, med-surg), or part-time, just make sure your FT requests are in.