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  1. by   MomNRN
    I don't really care what RN's look like as long as they are competent. You can put two people side by side in matching uniforms - all you see is the package.

    I could care less what the package looks like. It is what is inside that counts.

    I like fun scrubs. Yeah I might be wearing a Santa scrub top (like I did yesterday), but that doesn't mean I can't be professional, intelligent, or serious if the situation demands it.

    This topic will live on forever!
  2. by   blueyesue
    Quote from SharonH, RN
    I wonder if there is any hard evidence to support either of our viewpoints ie

    A)Cartooney scrubs affect our professional image negatively or

    B)They cheer up the patients and brighten their day.

    Natch, we can both present anecdotal evidence to support our opinions., but it would be interesting to find out one way or another. :spin:
    I see your point as completely valid. I understand the need to look professional and recognizable. It would be nice though to work in a place where they welcomed color. I, however, will be a nurse no matter what the dress code. As I am sure you will as well.

    Just say NO to drab!!! LOL